Research areas - Immunology - Infection and inflammation

Infection and inflammation

Infectious disease occurs if the host’s immune system is not able to eliminate or neutralize a pathogen. The first, innate immune response often involves inflammation and is followed by adaptive immune response and pathogen clearance.

In acute inflammation, a cascade of cellular and vascular reactions drives and matures the inflammatory response. Prolonged inflammation may turn chronic, potentially triggering tissue destruction, organ-specific autoimmune disease, or even malignant transformation.

Miltenyi Biotec provides the tools to study immune cells involved in infection and inflammation in detail – from automated tissue dissociation through efficient cell isolation to sophisticated flow cytometric or molecular analysis and reliable cell culture.

Sample preparation

The result of an experiment critically depends on the quality of sample preparation. The gentleMACS™ Dissociators in combination with various Tissue Dissociation Kits enable optimal, hassle-free preparation of single-cell suspensions, e.g., from mouse lung. Excellent cell viability rates allow for subsequent isolation of, e.g., DC subsets.

Watch the video to find out how easy it is.

Cell separation

Various cell types of the innate immune system are involved in infection and inflammation, e.g., granulocytes, eosinophils, dendritic cells, NK cells, but also other immune cell types, such as iNKT and Treg cells. Benefit from our broad portfolio to easily and efficiently isolate your cells of interest.

Read how MACS® Cell Separation products have been used, e.g., for the isolation of T, NK, and dendritic cells in order to investigate the Th1 response to parasitic infection (Ing and Stevenson) or for the isolation of pDCs as an early source of IFN-1 to control viral burden (Swiecki et al.). 

Download the MACS&more article by by Fabricius et al. to learn more about the isolation of pDCs.

Cell analysis and culture

Investigate key cytokines and chemokines and choose from a comprehensive range of products for cell culture and differentiation or for flow cytometry. Take advantage of our unique cytokine secretion assays to analyze viable cytokine-secreting cells, e.g., IFN-γ-secreting NK cells or iNKT cells (Brigl et al.).

Download the MACS&more article by Lexberg et al. on the isolation of viable Th17 cells, an important T cell subset involved in the response to infection and autoimmune inflammation.

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