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Dermatology research covers a wide range of topics, including dermal diseases and graft-versus-host disease. A variety of different skin-resident or skin-infiltrating immune cell types play prominent roles in skin pathology. Miltenyi Biotec provides you with the tools to study these cells in detail.

From standardized, automated dissociation of dermal tissue through the isolation of specific skin-resident immune cells to flow cytometric analysis and cell culture, Miltenyi Biotec offers instruments and reagents that fit your needs perfectly. 

Sample preparation

Easily dissociate dermal tissue into single-cell suspensions with excellent viability rates by using the gentleMACS Dissociators and the Epidermis Dissociation Kit Automated procedures provide for ultimate convenience and user safety.

Cell separation

Isolate abundant or even rare cell subsets with excellent purities, e.g., DCs (Langerhans cells), mast cells, skin-homing T cells, TCRγ/δ T cells, and other dermal immune cells.

Read on to find out how MACS Technology was used for the isolation of human melanoma cells (Schmidt et al.).

Cell culture

Efficiently activate or expand basic or regulatory T cells from skin tissue with our optimized kits in combination with our TexMACS™ Medium. Culture your immune cells with premium-grade cytokines from our extensive cytokine portfolio.

Cell analysis

Analyze, e.g., DCs or T cells from skin tissue, with our highly specific antibodies. Determine the capacity of immune cells for cytokine secretion with our broad range of Cytokine Secretion Assays.

Read on to find out how Sumaria et al. used our products for the analysis of IL-17 secretion by epidermal and dermal cells.

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Listen to the experts: Dermatology and MACS Technology

Listen to the experts: Dermatology and MACS Technology

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