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Allergy and hypersensitivity

In allergy, the immune system, which normally effectively protects the body against disease, overreacts to external substances. This hypersensitivity is based on a complex interplay between immune cells, cytokines, and other mediators.

Miltenyi Biotec provides numerous tools for allergy research, ranging from reagents for the isolation of important effector cells through recombinant cytokines to complete kits for the analysis of cytokine secretion.

Cell separation

Obtain pure populations of mouse or human effector cells involved in allergic inflammation, e.g.,

  • CD117+ mast cells from murine peritoneal washes,
  • Neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils,
  • T cells,
  • dendritic cells.

Cell culture

Generate allergy-relevant cell types in vitro by using high-quality MACS® Cytokines.


  • Drive TH2 differentiation, e.g, by culturing CD4+ T cells in the presence of inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-4) or TSLP-stimulated DCs.
  • Generate human mast cells from cord blood or CD34+ cells, e.g., by using SCF, IL-6, and IL-10.
  • Obtain mouse mast cells by culturing bone marrow cells with IL-3 and SCF.

Cell analysis

Investigate key cytokines and other signature contributors to allergic reactions by using Miltenyi Biotec’s comprehensive range of tools for flow cytometry.


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