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For your cancer research, look no further than Miltenyi Biotec. Our high-quality products are designed to advance the understanding of cancer and support the translation of basic research findings into practical applications for cancer.

Our unique technologies cover your complete cancer research workflow. This includes tumor dissociation, cell isolation or depletion, cell culture or expansion, flow cytometry, molecular analysis, small animal imaging, cryopreservation, and automated cell processing. Discover today how MACS Solutions can help you advance and translate your cancer research.

Circulating tumor cells

Powerful tools for circulating tumor cell research

Check out our highly sensitive methods to detect and enrich circulating or disseminated tumor cells for further downstream analysis. read more

Cancer stem cells

Solutions to advance your cancer stem cell research

Excel in cancer stem cell research by taking advantage of our comprehensive solutions to help you translate pioneering concepts into reality. read more

Tumor vascularization

Reliable tools for your tumor vascularization research

Our range of tools enables the detection, isolation, and cultivation of mature endothelial cells and EPCs, as well as cellular and molecular analysis, even with very low cell numbers. read more

Hematological tumor cells

Superior analysis of your hematological tumor cells

MACS Solutions for cancer research offer an extensive range of tools for the enrichment and analysis of your hematological tumor cells. read more

Solid tumor cells

Tools to advance your solid tumor research

From in vivo analysis of tumors to gentle dissociation of tumor tissue to analysis of isolated cells, MACS Solutions offer convenient and innovative tools for your solid tumor research. read more

Tumor immunology

Understanding the role of tumor immunology

Isolate and separate different immune cell types and subsets surrounding or infiltrating tumors with MACS Solutions, and perform detailed phenotypic analyses. read more

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autoMACS Pro Separator - Starter Kit

  • autoMACS Pro Separator Instrument
  • MACS MiniSampler
  • MACS Reagent Rack 4 (130-094-574)
  • Chill 5, 15, 50 Rack Set (130-097-038)
  • barcode reader
  • software
  • autoMACS® Columns (130-021-101)
  • 4×column substitute
  • autoMACS Pro Buffer Combination
  • User manual
  • short instructions
  • one-year warranty
130-092-545 price on request here

gentleMACS Dissociator

  • gentleMACS Dissociator
  • Power cord
  • User manual
130-093-235 price on request here

gentleMACS Octo Dissociator

  • gentleMACS Octo Dissociator
  • Power cord
  • User manual
130-095-937 price on request here

MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus

  • MultiMACS Cell24 Separator
  • MACS Elution Station
  • Elution Chamber Base
  • Elution Chamber Lid I
  • Elution Chamber Lid II
  • Multi-24 Column Block (130-095-692)
  • 2×24-well Deep Well Plate
  • Single-Column Adapter
  • MultiMACS 5 mL Tube Rack (130-095-331)
  • Column Blank Holder and 9 Column Blanks
  • Tubing
  • Power cord
  • Null modem cable
  • High power CAN cable
130-098-637 price on request here

MultiMACS M96 Separator

Content: 1 unit
130-091-937 price on request here

MultiMACS M96thermo Separator

Content: 1 unit
130-094-534 price on request here

Adipose Tissue Progenitor Isolation Kit, mouse

Capacity: for up to 1×108 total cells
130-106-639 $450.00

Annexin V MicroBead Kit

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-090-201 $725.00

Anti-BP-1 (Ly-51)-FITC, mouse

For research use only
Content: 30 µg in 1 mL (1)


(1)200 tests. One test corresponds to labeling of up to 106 cells in a final volume of 50 µL.
130-102-170 $40.00

Anti-BP-1 (Ly-51)-PE, mouse

For research use only
Content: 30 µg in 1 mL (1)


(1)200 tests. One test corresponds to labeling of up to 106 cells in a final volume of 50 µL.
130-102-190 $50.00
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Showing 1-10 of 3680

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