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SAE liver PolySon H
PolySon™ H liver SAE imaging
Liver imaging based on stimulated acoustic emission using PolySon™ H. The pseudo-doppler effect resulting from the rupture of single bubbles can be seen in red and blue false-color.
Heart perfusion PolySon L
PolySon™ L Heart perfusion
Heart perfusion in mouse using PolySon™ L. The three frames from the video clip show the filling of the heart with contrast agent in green false-color.
Tumor MTLN3 Targeted microcapsules
Tumor MTLN3 Targeted microcapsules
Molecular imaging of MTLN3-tumors in rats with customized, target-specific, anti-EDB-fibronectin microcapsule-conjugates (right) compared to non-specific microcapsules (left) using SPAQ.

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