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Unmatched sensitivity in RNA research

  • Time-saving: sensitive one-step mRNA isolation and cDNA synthesis
  • Sensitive: unique kits for single-cell gene expression profiling
  • Flexible: choose from manual to automated 96-well protocols
Take advantage of Miltenyi Biotec'c comprehensive solutions for gene expression, microRNA expression, or DNA typing analysis. Save time with our mRNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, cDNA labeling, and amplification kits that will bring the sensitivity of your gene expression analysis to the next level. The miRXplore™ Products enable microRNA expression profiling with high specificity by allowing the discrimination of closely related microRNAs – detect even a single nucleotide exchange. Perform reliable KIR analysis starting with genomic DNA or mRNA using our KIR Typing Kit or track chimerism using our ChimerXplain and ChimerXact Kits.

mRNA research

Innovative products for sensitive gene expression profiling

Our innovative technology facilitates gene expression profiling down to a single cell besides an array of other benefits. read more

microRNA research

Highly specific microRNA expression profiling analysis

Highly specific and sensitive microRNA expression profiling with excellent reference tools. read more

DNA research

Comprehensive kits for reliable KIR typing and chimerism analysis

Get reliable results with our convenient ready-to-use enzyme mix and reagents. read more

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B Cell (CD19+) Total RNA

Content: 5 µg
130-093-169 $340.00

Cytotoxic T Cell (CD8+) Total RNA

Content: 5 µg
130-093-168 $340.00

Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell (CD34+) Total RNA

Content: 0.2 µg
130-093-167 $340.00

KIR Typing Kit

Capacity: for 8 tests
130-092-551 $265.00

KIR Typing Kit

Capacity: for 24 tests
130-092-584 $665.00

miRXplore Universal Reference 5

Capacity: for 5 hybridizations
130-094-407 $265.00

miRXplore Universal Reference 25

Capacity: for 25 hybridizations
130-093-521 $915.00

µMACS mRNA Isolation Kit – For Total RNA

Capacity: for 8 isolations
130-075-102 $265.00

µMACS mRNA Isolation Kit – Large Scale

Capacity: for 4 isolations
130-090-277 $220.00

µMACS mRNA Isolation Kit – Large Scale

Capacity: for 8 isolations
130-075-101 $340.00
View "10" | "50" | "100" products/page
Showing 1-10 of 32

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