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Quick and convenient biotinylated molecule isolation

  • Fast: isolation of target molecules in 15 minutes
  • Convenient: avoid multiple centrifugation and buffer removal steps
  • Sensitive: fast and effective binding to biotinylated molecules

µMACS™ and MultiMACS™ Streptavidin Kits take advantage of the well-established MACS® Technology allowing fast and convenient isolation of biotinylated probes and their interaction partners in, e.g., protein-protein or protein-nucleic acid interaction studies. The isolation principle is based on streptavidin-conjugated superparamagnetic MicroBeads, which bind to biotinylated capture probes. The capture probe is incubated with the cell lysate followed by labeling with the Steptavidin MicroBeads. The sample is then loaded onto a µ Column placed in the magnetic field of a µMACS Separator. The magnetically labeled biotinylated capture probe and their interaction partners are retained on the column. Following the washing steps, either the entire complex can be eluted by removal of the µ Column from the Separator or only the interaction partners by applying an appropriate elution buffer onto the µ Column. The µMACS Streptavidin Kits were developed for manual, low-throughput applications in combination with the µMACS Separator. The MultiMACS Streptavidin Kits are suitable for semi- or fully automated, flexible processing of 8–96 samples in parallel utilizing the MultiMACS M96/M96thermo Separators.

The µMACS™ FactorFinder Kit is designed for fast and flexible isolation of virtually any transcription factor and their cofactors. This special application utilizes Streptavidin MicroBeads that capture a biotinylated DNA oligonucleotide containing the recognition sequence to which a transcription factor binds.

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µMACS FactorFinder Kit

Capacity: for 20 isolations
130-092-317 $315.00

µMACS FactorFinder Starting Kit

  • µMACS FactorFinder Kit (130-092-317)
  • µMACS Separator (130-042-602)
  • MACS MultiStand (130-042-303)
130-092-318 $660.00

µMACS Streptavidin Kit

Capacity: for 20 isolations
130-074-101 $255.00

µMACS Streptavidin Starting Kit

  • µMACS Streptavidin Kit (130-074-101)
  • µMACS Separator (130-042-602)
  • MACS MultiStand (130-042-303)
130-091-287 $585.00

MultiMACS Streptavidin Kit (4×96)

Capacity: for 384 isolations
130-092-949 $1,740.00

MultiMACS Streptavidin Kit (12×8)

Capacity: for 96 isolations
130-092-948 $585.00
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