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Innovative tools for optimal gene expression profiling

  • Sensitive: 100 mg plant tissue is enough for reproducible results
  • Fast: from plant sample to pure mRNA in 30 min, to pure cDNA in less than 2 h
  • Flexible: high-throughput, automated or low-throughput, manual processing
Sensitive RNA isolation and in-column cDNA synthesis
The µMACS™ Isolation Kits and MultiMACS™ mRNA Isolation Kits facilitate fast and efficient mRNA isolation without prior preparation of total RNA. Pure mRNA is isolated directly from plant samples by magnetic labeling with µMACS Oligo(dT) MicroBeads. Due to the fast reaction kinetics, the 50 nm diameter small MicroBeads bind instantly to mRNA molecules and enable efficient isolation of high-purity mRNA. This magnetic bead-based technology ensures reliable results from just 100 mg plant tissue. After preparation of the plant extract, the mRNA is magnetically labeled with µMACS Oligo(dT) MicroBeads, the sample is loaded onto a MACS® Column placed in the magnetic field of a MACS™ Separator, after washing, the magnetically labeled mRNA is retained on the column and ready to be eluted by applying an elution buffer. The µMACS mRNA Isolation Kits are designed for manual low-throughput mRNA isolation using the µMACS Separator. The MultiMACS mRNA Isolation Kits are designed for high-throughput applications in a flexible 8-96 sample format and run in combination with the MultiMACS M96/M96thermo Separators.

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In-column cDNA synthesis in less than 2 h
The µMACS and MultiMACS cDNA Synthesis Kits enable fast and efficient mRNA isolation and cDNA synthesis, all in one column and without the need for prior preparation of total RNA. After mRNA isolation with the µMACS Oligo(dT) MicroBeads, cDNA synthesis is directly performed in the separation column. As both steps take place in the same column, loss of material is minimized and so further increases the sensitivity of gene expression analysis. As little as 100 mg plant tissue is sufficient to obtain cDNA for PCR analysis. The µMACS One-step cDNA Kit is designed for manual low-throughput direct mRNA isolation and cDNA synthesis with the thermoMACS™ Separator, whereas the MultiMACS cDNA Synthesis Kit is applicable for higher throughput needs in a flexible 96 sample format and works in combination with the MultiMACS M96/M96thermo Separators. To learn more about in-column cDNA synthesis please click here.
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Plant sample homogenization
  • gentleMACS Dissociator  
  • gentleMACS Octo Dissociator  
  • gentleMACS M Tubes

Protein isolation and immunoprecipitation
  • µMACS Anti-GFP Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-HA Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-c-myc Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-His Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-GST Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Protein A/G Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Streptavidin Starting Kit

RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis
  • µMACS mRNA Starting Kit  
  • µMACS One-step cDNA Starting Kit


Get started and advance your molecular plant research with the µMACS™ Anti-GFP Starting Kit and other Anti-tag Starting Kits as well as Protein A/G and Streptavidin Starting Kits.

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