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Fast analytical-scale epitope-tagged protein isolation

  • Fast: immunoprecipitation in less than 1 h
  • Convenient: avoid multiple centrifugation and buffer removal steps
  • Sensitive: enables working with limited starting material

Fast magnetic immunoprecipitation with the µMACS™ GFP Isolation Kit

Miltenyi Biotec products for the isolation of epitope-tagged proteins consist of µMACS™ and MultiMACS™ Isolation Kits for the most common epitopes, i.e., GFP, HA, c-myc, His, and GST. The isolation principle is based on superparamagnetic MicroBeads, conjugated to the respective epitope-specific monoclonal antibodies. It's easy as 1-2-3:

  1. MicroBeads are incubated with the protein lysate and bind to the specific target protein.  
  2. The sample is loaded onto a µMACS Column placed in the magnetic field of a µMACS Separator.  
  3. The magnetically labeled epitope-tagged and associated proteins are retained in the column during the washing steps and can be eluted either under native or denaturing conditions.

 The µMACS Epitope Tag Isolation Kits have been developed for manual, low-throughput applications in combination with the µMACS Separator. The procedure can easily be scaled up with the MultiMACS Epitope Tag Isolation Kits to a semi- or fully automated, flexible processing of up to 96 samples in parallel, by utilizing the MultiMACS M96/M96thermo Separators.
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The µMACS™ and MultiMACS™ GFP Isolation Kits as well as the kits against the other epitope tags can be used to elute epitope-tagged fusion proteins co-immunoprecipitate interaction partners for protein interaction analysis perform in-column enzymatic assays. In addition to the epitope tag isolation kits, µMACS Protein A/G MicroBeads or µMACS Streptavidin Kits are available for (co-)immunoprecipitation or isolation of proteins via biotinylated capture probes, respectively. For more information on other protein research product solutions click here

How to get started

The µMACS Anti-GFP Starting Kit, as well as the kits against the other epitope tags, contains all components required for magnetic GFP protein isolation so you can start right away with your experiment. Just add the protein extract of your plant sample. Click here to download a list of reference papers for the µMACS Anti-GFP Starting Kit. 

Anti-GFP MicroBeads
2 ml (for 40 isolations) 

Lysis, Wash, Elution Buffer
Sufficient amount 

µ Column
2 x 20 

µMACS™ Separator + MACS® MultiStand
1 each 

Product overview

Plant sample homogenization

  • gentleMACS Dissociator  
  • gentleMACS Octo Dissociator  
  • gentleMACS M Tubes

  • Protein isolation and immunoprecipitation
  • µMACS Anti-GFP Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-HA Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-c-myc Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-His Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Anti-GST Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Protein A/G Starting Kit  
  • µMACS Streptavidin Starting Kit

  • RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis
  • µMACS mRNA Starting Kit  
  • µMACS One-step cDNA Starting Kit

    Get started and advance your molecular plant research with the µMACS™ Anti-GFP Starting Kit and other Anti-tag Starting Kits as well as Protein A/G and Streptavidin Starting Kits.



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