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Automate your virus and biomolecule isolation

  • Isolate 8–96 samples in parallel for ultimate flexibility
  • Eliminate multiple centrifugation and buffer removal steps
  • Convenient predefined programs and MultiMACS™ Kits available for common applications

MultiMACS™ M96/M96thermo Separators are benchtop instruments for processing 8–96 samples in parallel, ideal for proteomics and molecular biology applications. Flexible sample sizes make this instrument perfect for medium-throughput laboratories. Run samples manually, semi-automatically, or fully automated when integrated into a liquid handling system. Choose from an array of predefined programs, create your own from scratch, or simply edit the parameters of an existing program for total experimental control.

The MultiMACS M96 Separator works seamlessly with MultiMACS Kits, which are available for a wide range of applications, such as

  • Nucleic acid preparations: mRNA and in-column cDNA synthesis
  • Protein purification: epitope-tagged proteins, (co-)immunoprecipitation, via biotinylated capture probes
  • Virus research: Isolation of infectious virues particles such as HIV-1
  • In-column enzymatic reactions at 37 °C or 42 °C

MACS Column Technology works by simple gravity flow, thus eliminating multiple centrifugation or buffer removal steps. Additionally the MultiMACS M96thermo Separator gives you the ability to adjust the sample temperature on the column to 37 °C or 42 °C. This is ideal for mRNA isolation and direct in-column cDNA synthesis, resulting in a significant reduction in mRNA and cDNA sample loss.

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MultiMACS M96 Separator

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MultiMACS M96thermo Separator

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