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Consumables for biomolecule and virus isolation

  • Functional: tailored consumable formats for excellent results
  • Convenient: gentle and efficient washing procedure devoid of multiple centrifugation and buffer removal steps
µ Columns are used together with µMACS™ or thermoMACS™ Separators and µMACS Kits, which are designed for manual biomolecule and HIV isolation in proteomics and molecular biology applications. If binding of larger amounts of molecules is required then M Columns are recommended. They fit into MiniMACS™, OctoMACS™ Separators, or VarioMACS™, SuperMACS™ SeparatorsMulti-8 Columns and Multi-96 Columns are employed for medium-throughput analytical-scale isolations in combination with MultiMACS™ M96/M96thermo Separators and MultiMACS™ Kits. Multi-8 Columns come in twelve individual, sterile packed strips for flexible use, adaptable to sample numbers between 8-96. For parallel processing of 96 samples Multi-96 Columns are available. Large sample amounts in a medium-throughput setting require the use of Multi-8 or Multi-96 Filters to prevent clogging of the Multi-8 and Multi-96 Columns. To run the MultiMACS Kits on the MultiMACS M96/M96thermo Separators, the Deep Well Block, 2.5 mL is needed for collection and storage of flow-through or wash fractions. It can also be used in combination with Multi-8 and Multi-96 Filters to collect cleared samples.
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Deep Well Block, 2.5 mL

Content: 6 pieces
130-092-549 $75.00

M Columns

Content: 10 columns
130-042-801 $90.00

µ Columns

Content: 20 columns
130-042-701 $115.00

µ Columns with plungers

Content: 20 columns (1)

Packing unit

(1)sterile packaged
130-110-905 $145.00

µMACS Sealing Solution

Content: 1 bottle
130-091-160 $35.00

Multi-8 Columns, molecular (12×8)

  • 12×Multi-8 Column
  • Microtiter plate, U-bottom
  • MultiColumn Frame
  • Deep Well Block, 2.5 mL
130-092-444 $215.00

Multi-8 Filters

Content: 12 filters
130-092-546 $95.00

Multi-8 Filters and Frame

  • Multi-8 Filter Frame
  • Multi-8 Filters (130-092-546)
130-092-548 $205.00

Multi-96 Columns, molecular (4×96)

  • 4×Multi-96 Column
  • 4×Microtiter plate, U-bottom
  • 4×Deep Well Block, 2.5 mL
130-092-445 $530.00

Multi-96 Filters

Content: 4 filters
130-092-547 $295.00
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