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gentleMACS M Tubes


gentleMACS™ M Tubes are used in combination with the gentleMACS Dissociators for the fast and convenient automated tissue homogenization, in order to isolate biomolecules like mRNA or total RNA, or to extract proteins. The M Tubes are designed for safe and sterile sample handling.
M Tubes with Strainer are provided with a 600 μm mesh, which is pre-inserted into the tube. The strainer retains larger particles, i.e., removes them from the homogenized sample.



The cap of the M Tube bears a specially designed stator and rotor that provide for highly efficient tissue homogenization. A septum-sealed opening in the center allows the user to pipette samples without opening the tube. The tubes can be used for a wide range of sample volumes from 500 μL to 10 mL.


Figure 1

Figure 1
gentleMACS M Tubes
gentleMACS M Tubes

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Content: 25 tubes (1)

Packing unit

(1)sterile, single-packed
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130-093-236 $150.00

M Tubes

Content: 100 tubes (2)

Packing unit

(2)sterile packed as 4x25 pieces
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