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MACS Solutions for tissue dissociation and homogenization

  • Excellence: high-quality starting materials give the best experimental results
  • Reliable: automated procedures for highly reproducible results
  • Wide-ranging: for virtually any tissue
Browse through our inspiring products, protocols and references for sample preparation in selected research fields.

Immunology research

Rapid and standardized tissue dissociation with the gentleMACS Dissociators and the MACS Tissue Dissociation Kits give excellently prepared starting material for subsequent cell separation, cell analysis and cell culture experiments – browse our versatile application fields. read more

Cancer research

Consistent, reliable dissociation and homogenization of solid tumor tissue is indispensable for reliable and reproducible results – check out our tools for cancer stem cells, endothelial cells, solid tumors and tumor immune cells. read more

Neuroscience research

Keep your nerve: rapid, gentle, and effective dissociation of neural tissues for single-cell suspensions of primary neural cells and efficient myelin clearing. read more

Stem cell research

Explore our comprehensive tools for convenient and standardized dissociation of embryoid bodies, tumors, and other tissues; towards better understanding in stem cell research. read more

Molecular sciences

Tissue homogenization with the gentleMACS Dissociators: providing the basis for excellent results in molecular applications. read more

Organelle research

Rapid and standardized tissue dissociation results in optimal tissue homogenate enabling downstream isolation of high yield of functional and pure mitochondria. read more

Plant research

Improve the extraction of plant material and get reproducible results using the gentleMACS Dissociators. Check out our tools for molecular plant sciences. read more

Cardiovascular research

Discover the efficiency of a complete solution for obtaining viable, enriched cardiomyocytes from neonatal heart specimens in just two hours. read more

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