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Adult Brain Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat


The Adult Brain Dissociation Kit has been designed for the dissociation of rodent neural tissue older than P7 for the subsequent isolation of neurons, astrocytes, or oligodendrocytes.


Background information

Brain tissue from adult mice or rats older than P7 is dissociated into single-cell suspensions. The extracellular matrix is enzymatically digested using the kit components, while the gentleMACS™ Dissociator with Heaters is used for the mechanical dissociation steps during the on-instrument enzyme incubation. After the dissociation, the Debris Removal Solution is used for the elimination of debris, and the Red Blood Cell Removal Solution is used for the removal of erythrocytes.
The single-cell suspension may be analyzed for phenotype distributions, and other functional, genetic, or proteomic studies can be performed. Furthermore, dissociated cells can be cultured, or neurons, astrocytes, or oligodendrocytes can be isolated using MACS® Technology.

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How to isolate pure viable astrocytes

How to isolate pure viable astrocytes

Watch this hands-on protocol for the isolation of astrocytes from mouse brain tissue. The Miltenyi Biotec protocol yields highly purified cells with preserved vitality and can be finished within half a day.

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Adult Brain Dissociation Kit, mouse and rat

Capacity: for 50 preparations
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