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Sample clearing for optimal cell labeling

  • Reproducible: uniform single-cell suspensions
  • Efficient: minimal cell debris, no clumps
  • Optimized: perfect conditions for cell separation, immunostaining, and cell culture

Preparations of single-cell suspensions from blood or tissue often contain unwanted material, such as dead cells and debris, myelin, cell aggregates, and tissue fragments. This excess material can impair results by interfering with downstream applications, such as specific magnetic or fluorescent labeling of cells.

To clear cell suspensions of these unwanted materials, Miltenyi Biotec has developed strainers and filters as well as a range of innovative and optimized removal reagents and FcR blocking reagents

Filters and Strainers

Cell filters and cell strainers for smart sample clearing

Remove unwanted material from your preparation and generate uniform single cell suspensions. read more

Removal Reagents

Remove dead cells, myelin, and more

Clean up your sample by removal of myelin debris, dead-cell depletion, erythrocyte lysis and endotoxin. read more

FcR Blocking Reagents

Block unwanted binding of antibodies to Fc receptor-expressing cells

For blocking non-specific Fc receptor-mediated antibody binding. read more

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Basic MicroBeads

Content: 2 mL
130-048-001 $250.00

Dead Cell Removal Kit

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-090-101 $375.00

Debris Removal Solution

Content: 2×45 mL
130-109-398 $250.00

Endotoxin Removal Beads

Content: 3 mL
130-093-657 $150.00

Endotoxin Removal Beads

Content: 5×3 mL
130-093-659 $500.00

FcR Blocking Reagent, human

Content: 2 mL
130-059-901 $105.00

FcR Blocking Reagent, mouse

Content: 1 mL
130-092-575 $105.00

MACS SmartStrainers (30 µm)

Content: 50 filters (1)

Packing unit

(1)sterile, single-packed
130-098-458 $125.00

MACS SmartStrainers (30 µm)

Content: 100 filters (2)

Packing unit

(2)sterile packed as 4x25 pieces
130-110-915 $195.00

MACS SmartStrainers (70 µm)

Content: 50 filters (1)

Packing unit

(1)sterile, single-packed
130-098-462 $125.00
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Showing 1-10 of 20

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