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How it works – a simple workflow

MACS PICK UP POINT is an intelligent refrigerator that can store any Miltenyi Biotec reagent
at +2°C to +8°C. We work closely with you to develop a personalized inventory list that meets your laboratory’s needs. Typically, you’ll find in a MACS PICK UP POINT unit:

  • MACS MicroBeads and MicroBead Kits
  • MACS Antibodies and Kits for flow cytometry
  • MACS Cytokines, and more

So how does it work? See the interactive workflow below.

1. Register
Go online. Find your unit and register for the program.
2. Get your pass
A personal pass will be sent to you. Passes can be allocated to different persons, groups, and budgets.
3. You now have access
With the swipe of your pass, you can now take out any product from the MACS PICK UP POINT unit, anytime.
4. Tracking usage
When someone takes out a product, MACS PICK UP POINT records who withdrew the product and when.
5. Wrong product?
Took out the wrong product? Don’t worry, you have 15 minutes to return the product and find the right one.
6. Automated invoicing
After 15 minutes, your sale will be counted and your invoice will be sent automatically to you.
7. View account online
At any time, you can view the inventory and history of your MACS PICK UP POINT account online.
8. Guaranteed stock
MACS PICK UP POINT automatically screens your inventory to make sure your stock levels are always satisfactory.
9. Replenishment
Products are automatically sent out, free of charge, to replenish your inventory levels.

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