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The Flowlogic™ Software makes a fast and accurate analysis of big data possible. The integrated statistical analysis and the advanced layout options for publication make secondary software packages unnecessary. Simply adjust your gating strategy and the software performs the analysis within seconds. The Flowlogic Software provides state of the art features such as batch analysis, flexible gating, offline auto compensation, overlays, and many more. It is designed to work seamlessly in all JAVA-supported operating systems such as Windows®, Mac OS®X, and Linux®.


New with Flowlogic™ 7.1

New Feature Advantage
Adding new keywords Easily manage your files by assigning new keywords using the CSV format.
Sorting of files Sort files by a parameter of your choice.
Enhanced display options Choose which statistics you want to show on your plots.
Flexible gate display View data the way you like and choose whether or not to present gate and statistic names
New autocompensation interface Clear selection of parameters and compensation files
Improved autocompensation algorithm Enhanced accuracy for multiple parameters
Boolean gate option Create and manage boolean gates like average gates.
Axis range adjustment Adjust the axis range of multiple files at the same time.
Auto plate building Plates can now be set-up automatically according to parameters of your choice: Well ID, row/colum, hierarchy of gates, images
Automatic import of plate-data into graphlogic Accelerate the way you graph plate-data
Improved LMD support Enhanced software compatibility with LMD files


Expect full functionality without the clutter. Incredibly intuitive and easy to learn, this is the perfect research tool, offering unparalleled performance. Take advantage of a broad portfolio of gating options such as automatic, quadrant, spider or boolean gating and keep track of your populations through backgating and coloring.


platelogic™ introduces high-speed comparative analysis via heat maps, outlier plot identification, and innovative preview tools. Interpret your data fast and efficiently with the customizable plate layout and heat mapping functions. Plate layout is not restricted to a fixed format but can be customized to the file numbers you need for your analysis.


Imagine plotting your statistics without having to leave your analysis program. With graphlogic™, it takes seconds to generate publication-ready graphs, all linked to your live analysis.


When it comes to reporting, presenting and record keeping, doclogic™ provides an unrivaled collection of annotation tools and advanced printing and publishing options.


Trial version

Flowlogic™: download a 30-day trial of the Flowlogic™ Software

Beadlogic™: download a 30-day trial version of the Beadlogic™ Add-on (Please note that a valid Flowlogic license or trial version is needed to run Beadlogic).

Documents and videos


Flowlogic™ Full Manual

Flowlogic Short Manuals 


Video tutorials


Basic tutorials 

Advanced tutorials 



Beadlogic™ *

We now offer a powerful tool for the analysis of bead-based multiplex immunoassays such as MACSplex and Luminex™-like assays. Its advanced algorithms for curve fitting, including 5-parameter logistic (5PL) curve fitting, make accurate calculations of target concentrations an easy task. Furthermore, Beadlogic™ offers a full spectrum of analysis, visualization and reporting tools including customizable heat maps, integrated statistics, as well as automatic graphing and reporting of your data.

*Beadlogic is an optional add-on for the flow cytometry analysis software Flowlogic™.

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Flowlogic V7 + Beadlogic Annual License Key – Academic

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Flowlogic V7 + Beadlogic Perpetual Dongle – Academic

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Flowlogic V7 + Beadlogic Perpetual Dongle – Commercial

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