Flow cytometry expanding into new areas

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The MACSQuant® Instruments and Reagents provide innovative flow cytometry to researchers working in a wide range of fields: from molecular interactions, pharmacokinetics and cell biology to systems biology, marine biology, and biophysics. Explore the research applications below to find publications using MACS Flow Cytometry.


Bringing full analytical power to immunology research

Flow cytometry has been an essential tool for immunologists over the years, as it has provided a way to identify and characterize the different cells that comprise blood. read more


Make headway in your neuroscience research

Flow cytometry has played a significant role in recent developments in neuroscience and is routinely used in the characterization of neural stem cells, progenitors cells, and the different functional cell types within the brain. read more

Stem cell research

Paramount performance in stem cell characterization

Flow cytometry has played a significant role in supporting recent developments in stem cell research, such as in the characterization of stem cells and their downstream progeny. read more

Cancer research

Discover, advance, and translate your cancer research

From learning about DNA damage response and cell cycle defects to understanding tumor progression and metastasis, flow cytometry can provide valuable insights into the mechanisms that facilitate cancer formation and prevention. read more

Cell and molecular biology

Revolutionize your cell and molecular biology research

Flow cytometry is an ideal tool to investigate cell and molecular biology as it provides multiparameter analysis of single cells, providing in depth analysis of protein expression, including fluorescent protein reporters, in individual cells. read more

Drug discovery

Integrated automated cell biology workflows

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies often rely on robots and automation to screen for potential drug candidates and interaction partners. Flow cytometry has become a perfect partner to these high-throughput systems. read more

Systems biology

Systems biology: helping to tie it all together

Whether tracking protein expression, transcription factors, or cellular differentiation, multiparameter analysis with flow cytometry will help shed light on the interactions within any cellular system. read more

Other applications

Versatile solutions to advance interdisciplinary research

Discover more flow cytometry applications in a wide variety of research areas. read more

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