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  • Intuitive: simplify your flow cytometry with kits and support reagents
  • Unique: staining of viable cytokine-secreting cells
  • Ready-to-use: characterizing cells with cocktails
Miltenyi Biotec is a leading supplier of flow cytometry products, offering one of the broadest portfolios of antibodies, kits and, support reagents available. MACS Flow Cytometry kits allow flow cytometry users to perform sophisticated analyses right from the outset. All kits have been optimized for the best results, saving valuable experiment set up time and assay costs. Support reagents include instrument support reagents, sample preparation reagents, fluorescence amplification reagents, and a broad range of kits to check cell viability and cell labeling, as well as antibody conjugation and cell staining kits. Use the product finder below to identify the product best suits your needs.

Cytokine detection

MACS Cytokine Secretion Assays are designed for highly sensitive detection of viable cytokine-secreting cells. This unique technology allows the detection of secreted cytokines at a single-cell level and simultaneous phenotyping of cytokine-secreting cells.

For the optional enrichment of viable cytokine-secreting cells Miltenyi Biotec offers the Cytokine Secretion Assay – Cell Enrichment and Detection Kits.

Intracellular cytokine detection

Intracellular cytokine detection kits are designed for rapid and reliable flow cytometric detection of cytokine production in activated CD4+ T cells.

  • Contain all reagents necessary for the detection of cytokine-producing activated CD4+ T cells from whole blood or PBMCs by intracellular staining.
  • Include reagents for the fixation and permeabilization of cells prior to immunofluorescent staining, as well as for the in vitro stimulation of T cells as a positive control.

Detection and enumeration kits

Detect, enrich, and enumerate your cell type of interest

Optimized antibody kits allow the identification and enumeration of immune cell types, stem cells, tumor cells, and rare cell populations.

  • Kits include optimally titrated antibodies for phenotyping and cell subset discrimination.
  • For added convenience, isotype controls, FcR Blocking Reagent, Red Blood Cell Lysis Solution, and dead cell exclusion reagents are included when needed.
  • Simplified rare cell analysis and fully automated enumeration and phenotyping of human endothelial progenitor with the EPC Enrichment and Enumeration Kit.

Cell lineage control

Stay in control with Cell Lineage Control Cocktails

Evaluating the separation efficiency and purity of a MACS Cell Separation couldn’t be easier with Cell Lineage Control Cocktails.

  • Kits contain pre-titrated MACS Antibodies for the optimal staining of cells separated with MACS Technology.
  • Staining procedure is fast, easy, and compatible with flow cytometry.
  • Pre-mixed cocktails provide seamless cell population analysis.
  • Fully compatible with the MACSQuant Express Modes for rapid and easy cellular analysis.

Apoptosis dead cell analysis kits

Quick and easy analysis of apoptosis and dead cells

Protein-binding dyes

  • Viobility™ Fixable Dyes for live/dead cell discrimination of apoptotic, necrotic and dead cells in flow cytometry. The dyes react with amine groups on proteins on the cell surface and intracellularly.
  • Annexin V conjugates (FITC, PE, APC, Biotin) for the detection of apoptotic, necrotic, and dead cells by Phosphotidylserine (PS)-labeling on the cell surface.

Nucleic acid-binding dyes

  • Propidium Iodide (PI) solution for cost-effective exclusion of dead cells from flow cytometric analysis.
  • 7-AAD Staining Solution can be used in place of Propidium Iodide (PI) for the exclusion of dead cells in flow cytometric assays. It´s emission color allows simultaneous analyses with PE- and FITC-labeled antibodies.
  • DAPI Staining Solution allows the assessment of apoptotic cells by binding to double-stranded DNA. It is excited by the ultraviolet and violet lasers and emits blue fluorescence.
  • Hoechst 33342 is a cell permeable nucleic acid stain for the analysis of nucleated cells. It is excited by the ultraviolet and violet lasers and emits blue fluorescence.
  • Staining of dead cells and subsequent fixation can be quickly and easily achieved with the Fixation and Dead Cell Discrimination Kit.
  • The Annexin V-FITC Kit allows simultaneous analysis of apoptotic and dead cells by the combination of Annexin V-FITC and propidium iodide (PI).
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7-AAD Staining Solution

Content: 1 mL
130-111-568 $70.00

7-Color Immunophenotyping Kit, human

Capacity: for 50 tests
130-098-456 $850.00

MACSPlex IL-12 Reagents Kit, human

Capacity: for up to 100 tests
130-109-697 $235.00

MACSPlex IL-12 Reagents Kit, mouse

Capacity: for up to 100 tests
130-109-696 $195.00

Annexin V Binding Buffer

Content: 25 mL
130-092-820 $70.00

Annexin V-FITC

Capacity: for 30 tests (1)


(1)One test corresponds to labeling of up to 106 cells in a total volume of 100 µL.
130-097-928 $50.00

Annexin V-FITC

Capacity: for 100 tests (1)


(1)One test corresponds to labeling of up to 106 cells in a total volume of 100 µL.
130-093-060 $230.00

Annexin V-FITC Kit

Capacity: for up to 100 tests (1)


(1)One test corresponds to the analysis of 1×106 total cells.
130-092-052 $265.00

Annexin V-PE

Capacity: for 30 tests (1)


(1)One test corresponds to labeling of up to 106 cells in a total volume of 100 µL.
130-108-112 $65.00

Annexin V-PE

Capacity: for 100 tests (1)


(1)One test corresponds to labeling of up to 106 cells in a total volume of 100 µL.
130-108-077 $275.00
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Showing 1-10 of 141

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