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MACSQuant® Analyzer 10

  • 3 lasers, 10 optical channels for multiparameter flow cytometry
  • Multi-sample analysis of up to 96 wells
  • Integrated auto-labeling and MACSQuant column for magnetic rare cell pre-enrichment


Advance your flow cytometry: The MACSQuant® Analyzer 10
The MACSQuant Analyzer 10 is a powerful benchtop flow cytometer for highly sensitive, multi-parameter cell analysis. It provides fully automated instrument setup using pre-set calibration and compensation programs, as well as automated startup, shutdown, and cleaning cycles for hassle-free instrument housekeeping. The MACSQuantify™ Software’s intuitive user interface makes instrument control, data acquisition, and fully automated analysis easy.


Equipped with three lasers (405, 488, 638 nm), two scatter (FSC, SSC) and eight fluorescent channels, the MACSQuant Analyzer 10 is the ideal instruments for rapid, fully automated multi-color flow cytometry.
For walk-away processing of up to 96 samples in a single run, enhance your MACSQuant Analyzer 10 with the optional MACS MiniSampler. The MACS MiniSampler holds tube racks of numerous formats and even microtiter plates, as well up to four reagents for automated staining of cell samples.
The integrated MACSQuant Column enables you to rapidly pre-enrich samples for rare cells prior to flow analysis on the MACSQuant Analyzer 10. In just a few simple steps, the entire procedure is complete.
Our broad portfolio of kits and reagents are designed to work together with the MACSQuant Analyzer 10 to enable efficient identification of major cells types, such as dendritic cells, endothelial progenitor cells, cancer stem cells, cytokine-secreting cells, antigen-specific T cells, circulating tumor cells.
Absolute cell counts are determined volumetrically, calculated automatically, and read out as events/μL for every sample and population. Cell counts are available in under a minute, eliminating the need for expensive counting beads or particles.
At the click of a button, you’ll have worldwide, 24 hour remote support from technical support at your finger tip. Our Live Support service allows the user to directly interact with the MACSQuant Application Specialist in real time. Your dedicated support specialist can review your software setup and take control of the instrument to resolve any issues if desired.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Optical configuration of the MACSQuant Analyzer available in 9 or 10 parameters (7 or 8 colors).
Optical configuration of the MACSQuant Analyzer available in 9 or 10 parameters (7 or 8 colors).


Figure 1

Figure 1
The MACSQuant Analyzer 10
The MACSQuant Analyzer 10

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MACSQuant Analyzer: Excite and inspire!

MACSQuant Analyzer: Excite and inspire!

The MACSQuant Analyzer is a novel and unique research tool with ten optical channels, powerful and intuitive software, absolute cell counting, sensitive rare cell analysis using magnetic separation, and multisample processing of up to 96 samples.

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