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Chill Racks


MACS® Chill Racks are valuable tools for any procedure where cooling of samples is desired. Cooling of cell samples helps sustain cell viability.


Background information

MACS® Chill Racks can be used in combination with the autoMACS® Pro Separator, the MACSQuant® Analyzer and also for manual sample handling steps.
The Chill Racks are pre-cooled in the refrigerator (2–8 °C). The special coolant contained in the racks switches from fluid to solid at 8 °C and maintains a low temperature until the coolant is completely melted. The phase switch is visible. Do not cool racks below 0 °C as cell samples may freeze!
MACS Chill Racks are available as single racks and sets of three.
Chill 5 Rack contains 24 slots for 5 mL tubes and can be used for cell separations of up to 6 samples.
Chill 15 Rack contains 15 slots for 15 mL tubes and 5 slots for 5 mL tubes. It can be used for cell separations of up to 5 samples.
Chill 50 Rack contains 6 slots for 50 mL tubes, 3 slots for 15 mL tubes, and 3 slots for 5 mL tubes. Up to 3 cell samples can be handled with a Chill 50 Rack.
Chill 96 Rack provides a platform for 96-well microtiter plates for use on the MACSQuant Analyzer.


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Chill Rack 96

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Product Order no. Price

Chill 5 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-092-951 $240.00

Chill 5 Racks

Content: 3 racks
130-097-041 $660.00

Chill 15 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-092-952 $240.00

Chill 15 Racks

Content: 3 racks
130-097-036 $660.00

Chill 50 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-092-953 $240.00

Chill 50 Racks

Content: 3 racks
130-097-037 $660.00

Chill 5, 15, 50 Rack Set

Content: 3 racks
  • Chill 5 Rack (130-092-951)
  • Chill 15 Rack (130-092-952)
  • Chill 50 Rack (130-092-953)
130-097-038 $660.00

Chill 96 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-094-459 $440.00

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