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MACSQuant® Analyzer Accessories

  • Dependable: optimized buffers for guaranteed performance
  • Quality: beads for calibration and compensation
  • Flexible: multiple sample inputs with chill racks
Achieve best possible flow cytometry results with MACSQuant Buffers and solutions optimized for use with the MACSQuant Instruments.

Calibration beads
Ready-to-use beads for calibration are available for maximum convenience during flow cytometry.

MACS® MiniSampler
The MACS MiniSampler was specifically developed for flexible automated sample input.

MACS Chill Racks
MACS Chill Racks maintain a temperature of 4 °C during sample acquisition to sustain maximum sample integrity.

MACSQuant Buffer Supply Station
The MACSQuant Buffer Supply Station increases the processing capacities of the MACSQuant Instrument by enabling the use of 20 L fluid containers.

MACSQuant Columns
MACSQuant Columns are designed for the pre-enrichment of rare cells with the unique MACSQuant Cell Enrichment Unit
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Chill 5 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-092-951 $235.00

Chill 5 Racks

Content: 3 racks
130-097-041 $640.00

Chill 5, 15, 50 Rack Set

  • Chill 5 Rack (130-092-951)
  • Chill 15 Rack (130-092-952)
  • Chill 50 Rack (130-092-953)
130-097-038 $640.00

Chill 15 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-092-952 $235.00

Chill 15 Racks

Content: 3 racks
130-097-036 $640.00

Chill 50 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-092-953 $235.00

Chill 50 Racks

Content: 3 racks
130-097-037 $640.00

Chill 96 Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-094-459 $420.00

MACS Bleach Solution

Content: 1 L
130-093-663 price on request here

MACS MiniSampler Plus

  • MACS MiniSampler
  • Protection lid
  • MACS Reagent Rack 4 (130-094-574)
130-105-745 price on request here
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Showing 1-10 of 24

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