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Flow cytometers

  • 3 lasers, 8 colors plus two scatter channels for multi-parameter flow cytometry
  • Integrated multi-sample analysis of up to 384 wells
  • Exclusive autolabeling and MACS Column for magnetic rare cell enrichment

MACSQuant® Flow Cytometers combine power, innovation, and performance with highest convenience and ease of use. Our instruments are designed to ensure that all flow cytometry users, regardless of experience, can perform advanced cell analysis.

Whether the MACSQuant Analyzer 10 or MACSQuant VYB, or MACSQuant X, our flow cytometers offer exclusive features to revolutionize your research.


MACSQuant Flow Cytometers: Exclusive features

Powerful and compact

  • Carry out multi-parametric flow cytometry via three lasers and up to ten optical channels
  • Perform sophisticated phenotypic analysis and functional studies, e.g., cell cycle, apoptosis, and cell proliferation analysis on a variety of cell types, such as whole blood, cell lines, and yeast
  • Perfectly suited for fluorochrome-conjugated MACS® Antibodies
  • All our instruments are real benchtop instruments due to an extremely small foot-print design and integrated computer and monitor

Watch our video to learn more about the performance of our instruments.

Maximum convenience

MACSQuant Flow Cytometers have been designed to automate and optimize routine housekeeping procedures such as cleaning cycles, start-up, and shutdown.

Watch the video on auto-clean and shutdown to learn more.

Automated instrument calibration and compensation

MACSQuant Calibration Beads are specially developed for automated optimization of channel voltage settings to ensure consistently high performance. Single-stained cells or compensation beads can be used for fully automated compensation of up to eight colors via an 8×8 matrix.

Learn more about autocalibration on the MACSQuant Analyzer here.

Multisample processing

Benefit from a complete automated solution for sample processing:

From sample labeling to uptake, and data acquisition to analysis, up to 384 samples can be processed in a single run. Labeling is fully automated using optimized incubation times and titers (e.g. PI, 7AAD, and antibody staining). The entire process is streamlined to deliver walk-away flow cytometric analysis.

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Scan reagents using the barcode reader. The MACSQuantify™ Software automatically identifies the correct staining protocols to minimize operator error.
  2. Place reagents and samples onto the MACS® MiniSampler. Samples are kept cool by MACS Chill Racks, thereby maintaining specimen integrity.
  3. Instruct the MACSQuantify Software to perform the desired analysis and press Start.

Watch this video on 96 well anaylsis for a demonstration.

Integrated and automated for enhanced rare cell analysis with the MACSQuant column:

An integrated MACSQuant Column enables rapid pre-enrichment of rare cells prior to flow analysis on the MACSQuant 10 and MACSQuant VYB. The entire procedure is accomplished in just a few simple steps. Save time without compromising on the quality and sensitivity of your rare cell analyses.

The MACSQuant Column is an integral part of the MACSQuant VYB and MACSQuant Analyzer 10 allowing a smooth workflow from rare cell enrichment to analysis.


Choose from a wide selection of kits and reagents optimized for efficient identification and enumeration of numerous cell types and their subsets, including:
dendritic cells

  • endothelial progenitor cells
  • cancer stem cells
  • cytokine-secreting cells
  • antigen-specific T cells
  • circulating tumor cells

Watch the video on MACS Technology.

Autolabeling of up to 96 samples: More time for your experiments

Our MACSQuant Analyzer 10 and the MACSQuant VYB are the only flow cytometers on the market with an auto-labeling function that drastically reduces the amount of time you have to spend pipetting. Simply scan reagents using the barcode reader. The MACSQuantify Software automatically identifies the correct staining protocols and minimizes user error.

Learn more about our unique autolabeling function here.

Accurate volumetric cell counts

Every MACSQuant® Instrument is equipped with a precision syringe pump that enables automated and accurate uptake of sample volumes, i.e., volumetric pipetting. This provides several distinctive advantages over conventional flow cytometers:

  • Speed: absolute cell counts given in less than a minute.
  • Cost-effectiveness: no need for expensive counting beads or particles.
  • Ease of use: results at the touch of the button. The counting operation is integrated into each and every automated cell analysis.

Cell counts as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Cell counts as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Place the sample on the rack. Up to 96 samples can be processed in a single run.
2. Instruct the MACSQuantify™ Software to pipette a specific volume of sample, e.g., 50 μL. The instrument is equipped with a machine-engineered syringe pump for reliable and accurate pipetting.
3. Press start. Results will be displayed within a minute.

Watch this video to see absolute cell counting in action.

Enabling compliance for electronic records and signatures

In order to help you meet compliance requirements, the MACSQuantify™ Software on our flow cytometers comes with a 21 CFR Part 11 option. Read more

Worldwide, 24h/day real time access to our MACSQuant Application Specialists

At the click of a button you can receive real-time support from a MACSQuant® Application Specialist through an camera attached to our instruments. The Live Support service allows the MACSQuant Application Specialist to interact with the user, view the software, and take control (if needed) of the instrument to resolve any issues. Live Support is available for worldwide customers 24 hours a day.

Get immediate help with:

  • Experimental design
  • Troubleshooting experimental protocols
  • Troubleshooting operational issues
  • Operating the MACSQuant Analyzer and MACSQuantify Software
  • Choosing the appropriate Miltenyi Biotec product to meet your needs

Watch this video to learn more about our remote support.

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