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Manual cell separation

  • Simple and straightforward experimental setup
  • Perform cell sorting on your own schedule in any lab
  • Get optimal performance so you can focus on the results
Manual MACS® Cell Separation provides simple experimental setup. It offers the most straightforward way to excellent separation results, for new and experienced users alike.

With the various MACS Columns and Separators, Miltenyi Biotec provides the perfectly tailored solution for your experimental needs. Explore the options below to learn more about the separation hardware.

MACS Technology

Download our brochure or learn more about the underlying technology 


MACS® Cell Separation Columns at a glance

MACS Columns were developed for the gentle magnetic separation of fully functional cells. read more


MACS® Manual Separators at a glance

MACS Separators are designed for fast and easy cell separation when used with MACS Technology. read more


Complete your manual separation workstation

Complete your manual workstation with specially developed accessories. read more

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CS Columns

  • 25×CS Column
  • 25×3-way stopcock
  • 25×syringe (10 mL)
  • 25×flow resistor (20G)
  • 25×flow resistor (21G)
  • 25×flow resistor (22G)
  • 25×flow resistor (23G)
130-041-305 $475.00

D Columns

  • 5×D Column
  • 5×flow resistor (20G)
  • 5×flow resistor (21G)
  • 5×flow resistor (22G)
  • 5×3-way stopcock
130-041-201 $555.00

Large Cell Columns

  • 25×Large Cell Column
  • 25×flow resistor (23G)
130-042-202 $250.00

LD Columns

Content: 25 columns
130-042-901 $360.00

LS Column Adapter

Content: 1 piece
130-090-544 $210.00

LS Column Adapter Kit

  • LS Column Adapter (130-090-544)
  • LS Columns plus tubes (130-041-306)
130-041-408 $475.00

LS Columns

Content: 25 columns
130-042-401 $360.00

LS Columns plus tubes

  • LS Columns (130-042-401)
  • 13 mL Tubes (3×25)
130-041-306 $400.00

MACS 15 mL Tube Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-091-052 $150.00

MACS Acrylic Tube Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-041-406 $145.00
View "10" | "50" | "100" products/page
Showing 1-10 of 40

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