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Monocyte Isolation Kit II, human

  • Easy: one-step isolation of untouched monocytes
  • High-purity monocytes: perfectly suited for Mo-DC generation and other downstream applications


The Monocyte Isolation Kit II is an indirect magnetic labeling system for the isolation of untouched monocytes from human PBMCs. For a more efficient isolation of all monocytes including CD16+ monocytes, the Pan Monocyte Isolation Kit, human is recommended.


Detailed separation procedure

Non-monocytes are indirectly magnetically labeled using a cocktail of biotin-conjugated antibodies as well as Anti-Biotin MicroBeads. Highly enriched unlabeled monocytes are obtained by depletion of the magnetically labeled cells.

Downstream applications

Monocytes isolated with the Monocyte Isolation Kit II are used in studies where direct labeling of surface molecules is undesired. Untouched monocytes are also used for further isolation of specialized cell subsets such as activated monocytes. The most eminent use of isolated monocytes is their ex vivo differentiation into dendritic cells.1,2


LS or autoMACS® Columns.


Figure 1

Isolation of untouched monocytes from PBMCs using the Monocyte Isolation Kit II, an LS Column, and a MidiMACS™ Separator.
PBMCs before separation
Isolated untouched monocytes

Figure 2

Figure 2
Working scheme for the isolation of untouched monocytes using the Monocyte Isolation Kit II.
Working scheme for the isolation of untouched monocytes using the Monocyte Isolation Kit II.

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Selected references

  1. Hu, Q. et al. (2004) Blockade of attachment and fusion receptors inhibits HIV-1 infection of human cervical tissue. J. Exp. Med. 199: 1065–1075.
  2. Hafsi, N. et al. (2004) Human dendritic cells respond to Helicobacter pylori, promoting NK cell and Tʜ1-effector responses in vitro. J. Immunol. 173: 1249–1257.

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