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Isolation of mesenchymal stem cells

  • Reliable: less variation with defined starting populations
  • Superior performance: higher cell proliferation rates compared to conventional plastic adherence
  • Innovative: MSC isolation directly from tissue, without further culture
To investigate the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem (stromal) cells (MSCs) it is crucial to establish efficient and reproducible procedures to obtain homogenous MSC populations. Miltenyi Biotec is a long-standing provider of high-quality kits and reagents for the enrichment of MSCs from different species using a variety of markers

Human cells

Isolate MSCs from various tissues with ease using MACS Technology. Be assured that isolated MSC populations retain their high proliferation and differentiation potential in vitro. For example, MSCs separated with the CD271 MicroBead Kit display a 50% higher proliferative capacity and result in 200-fold higher numbers of CFU-Fs than cells isolated by plastic adherence alone.

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Mouse cells

MSCs are often heterogeneous populations that can be contaminated by lympho-hematopoietic cells, hematopoietic stem cells, and macrophages. Therefore, the isolation of MSCs can be a difficult task. A wide range of MicroBeads is available for the enrichment or purification of mouse MSCs. Various approaches for the separation of MSCs from other cells can be utilized:

  • Contaminating cells can be depleted from mouse MSC cultures by using CD11b MicroBeads or a combination of CD45 and Anti-Ter-119 MicroBeads.
  • Mouse MSCs expanded from bone marrow cultures can be enriched by positive selection with CD105, CD117, or Anti-Sca-1 MicroBeads.
  • Multipotent plastic-adherent fetal stem cells can be enriched from amniocentesis cultures according to their expression of CD117.

Other species

Are you utilizing a large-animal experimental model? Expand your possibilities with the CD271 or Anti-MSCA-1 antibodies, which cross-react with non-human primate, sheep, swine, canine, and goat MSCs.
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Anti-MSCA-1 (W8B2) MicroBead Kit, human

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-093-583 $615.00

CD105 MicroBeads, human

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-051-201 $650.00

CD105 MultiSort Kit (PE), mouse

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-092-924 $730.00

CD146 (LSEC) MicroBeads, mouse

Capacity: for 2×109 total cells
130-092-007 $640.00

CD146 MicroBead Kit, human

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-093-596 $650.00

CD271 MicroBead Kit (APC), human

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-092-283 $720.00

CD271 MicroBead Kit (PE), human

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-092-819 $720.00

CD271 MicroBead Kit, human

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-099-023 $640.00
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