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Diamond Basophil Isolation Kit, human


The Diamond Basophil Isolation Kit has been developed for the two-step isolation of basophilic granulocytes from human PBMCs.


Background information

Basophilic granulocytes, also known as basophils, are a rare population of leukocytes with frequencies below 1% in peripheral blood. First described by Paul Ehrlich in 1879, basophils have long been considered as circulating mast cells. They express high-affinity immunoglobulin (Ig) E receptors (FcεRI). Upon receptor cross-linking by binding of antigen-IgE complexes, basophils degranulate and thereby release inflammatory mediators such as histamine and leukotriene. Thus, basophils play a major role in allergy, asthma, and immunity.1-4

Detailed separation procedure

First, non-basophils are magnetically labeled for depletion over a MACS Column. The pre-enriched non-labeled basophils in the flow-through are then positively selected via CD123 MicroBeads.

Downstream applications

  • Studies on signal requirements for basophil activation, induction of mediator synthesis and release etc.
  • Studies on the involvement of basophils in hypersensitivity reactions
  • Studies on cytokine expression by basophils


For the first magnetic separation (depletion): LS or autoMACS® Columns. For the second magnetic separation (positive selection): MS or autoMACS Columns.


Figure 1

Basophils were isolated from human PBMCs using the Diamond Basophil Isolation Kit and two MS Columns. Cells were fluorescently stained with CD123-PE and CD203c-APC and analyzed by flow cytometry. Cell debris and dead cells were excluded from the analysis based on scatter signals and propidium iodide fluorescence.
PBMCs before separation
Isolated basophils

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Selected references

  1. Shiratori, I. et al. (2005) Down-regulation of basophil function by human CD200 and human herpesvirus-8 CD200. J. Immunol. 175: 4441–4449.
  2. Sloane et al. (2004) Leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptors: novel innate receptors for human basophil activation and inhibition. Blood 104: 2832–2839.
  3. Falcone et al. (2000) The human basophil: a new appreciation of its role in immune responses. Blood 96: 4028–4038.
  4. Karasuyama, H. et al. (2009) Newly discovered roles for basophils: a neglected minority gains new respect. Nat. Rev. Immunol. 9: 9–13.

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Diamond Basophil Isolation Kit, human

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