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CD34+CD38- Isolation Kit, human


The CD34+CD38Isolation Kit, human has been developed to isolate a CD38 subset of CD34+ cells, i.e., primitive hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, from cord blood, bone marrow, or apheresis.


Background information

The CD34+CD38 Cell Isolation Kit has been developed for the isolation of the more primitive CD38 subpopulation of CD34+ cells. CD34 is a well-established marker of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and additionally expressed on hemangioblasts, endothelial progenitor cells, and mature endothelial cells. CD38 is absent on most primitive CD34+ stem cells and upregulated on CD34+ cells upon lymphocyte commitment. CD34+CD38- cells are isolated in a two-step isolation protocol. First, the CD34+ cells are positively enriched using CD34 MultiSort MicroBeads. Subsequently, the MultiSort MicroBeads are enzymatically released from the CD34 antibody. The isolated CD34+ are then labeled with CD38 MicroBeads to deplete CD38+ cells in a second separation step.

Downstream applications

  • CD34+ CD38 cell expansion in culture
  • Lentiviral transduction
  • Molecular analysis
  • In vitro differentiation of CD34+ CD38 cells
  • Generation of humanized mice


LS Columns.


Figure 1

CD34+CD38 cells were isolated from human cord blood MNCs by using the CD34 MultiSort MicroBeads, two LS Columns, and a MidiMACS™ Separator for the first separation. In the second separation step, the CD38 MicroBeads, one LS Column, and a MidiMACS Separator have been used. Cells were fluorescently stained with CD34-FITC, CD38-APC, CD45-VioBlue®, Labeling Check Reagent‑APC, and Propidium Iodide Solution and analyzed by flow cytometry using the MACSQuant. Analyzer. Cell debris and dead cells were excluded from the analysis based on scatter signals and propidium iodide fluorescence.
Before separation
Before CD38 depletion
CD34+CD38 cells
CD34+CD38+ cells

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CD34+CD38- Isolation Kit, human

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