Automated multisample cell separation

  • Productive: unattended operation day and night
  • Comprehensive: full automation of complex multistep workflows
  • Flexible: customized solutions that meet your specific needs
Tecan® Group Ltd., leading provider of liquid handling systems and world leader in cell biology, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, are now in partnership to revolutionize integrated automated cell biology workflows.
Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms will support the full integration of the MultiMACS™ Separator family for cell separation onto the deck of the liquid handling platform, as well as provide software solutions for straightforward incorporation of Miltenyi Biotec systems, including the MACSQuant® Analyzer for flow cytometric analysis of separated cells.
Discover unique automated multisample cell separation with the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus  
  • Isolation of viable and unaltered cells employing renowned MACS® Technology.
  • Isolation of virtually any cell type, e.g., stem cells, neural cells, cancer cells, or immune cells.
  • Ensures reliable data of your cell assay by high purity and recovery of target cells.


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