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The cell isolation and cell separation gold standard

  • Cell isolation solutions for 25 years – cited in 20,000 publications
  • Isolated cells are always compatible with any downstream application
  • Technology translates directly into clinical application

MACS® Technology is the gold standard in cell separation. Our ever expanding portfolio provides you with the freedom to choose the best solution for your experiment, including new options such as:

Make your cell isolation easy by eliminating tedious handling steps with fully automated multisample separation.

Get reproducible results with standardized protocols, backed by expert technical support, with the autoMACS® Pro Separator

Cell separation reagents

Cell separation at its best

MACS cell type reagents are available for the efficient separation of almost any cell type and numerous sample materials. MACS Technology delivers consistent, high-quality cell isolations from research to clinical applications read more

Manual cell separation

Manual cell separation

Explore the range of products to set up your manual cell separation. read more

Automated cell separation

Automate your cell separation

The autoMACS Pro Separator allows true walk-away cell separation without the requirement for any special expertise and skills. read more

Cell separation buffers

Ready-to-use buffers and solutions

Ready-to-use MACS Buffers for optimal separation results. read more

MACS Technology

MACS® Technology - for all your cell isolation needs

  • Over 20,000 publications to date
  • One portfolio with solutions for your specific experiment
  • Gentle isolation of viable and functional cells every time
read more

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autoMACS Pro Separator - Starter Kit

  • autoMACS Pro Separator Instrument
  • MACS MiniSampler
  • MACS Reagent Rack 4 (130-094-574)
  • Chill 5, 15, 50 Rack Set (130-097-038)
  • barcode reader
  • software
  • autoMACS® Columns (130-021-101)
  • 4×column substitute
  • autoMACS Pro Buffer Combination
  • User manual
  • short instructions
  • one-year warranty
130-092-545 price on request here

MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus

  • MultiMACS Cell24 Separator
  • MACS Elution Station
  • Elution Chamber Base
  • Elution Chamber Lid I
  • Elution Chamber Lid II
  • Multi-24 Column Block (130-095-692)
  • 2×24-well Deep Well Plate
  • Single-Column Adapter
  • MultiMACS 5 mL Tube Rack (130-095-331)
  • Column Blank Holder and 9 Column Blanks
  • Tubing
  • Power cord
  • Null modem cable
  • High power CAN cable
130-098-637 price on request here


Content: 1 unit
130-108-403 price on request here

24-well Deep Well Plates

Content: 4 pieces (1)

Packing unit

(1)sterile packaged
130-110-500 $45.00

Adipose Tissue Progenitor Isolation Kit, mouse

Capacity: for up to 1×108 total cells
130-106-639 $435.00

Air-Filter Extension Set

Content: 1 set
130-091-339 $72.00

Annexin V MicroBead Kit

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-090-201 $700.00

Anti-A2B5 MicroBead Kit, human and mouse

Capacity: for 1×109 total cells
130-097-864 $600.00

Anti-A2B5 MicroBeads, human, mouse, rat

Capacity: for 5×108 total cells
130-093-388 $445.00

Anti-A2B5 MicroBeads, human, mouse, rat – small size

Capacity: for 5×107 total cells
130-093-392 $75.00
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Showing 1-10 of 518

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