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Polyclonal stimulation

T Cell TransAct™ is a polymeric nanomatrix pre-loaded with CD3 and CD28 agonists and comes as a ready-to-use reagent. Due to its nano-sized matrix the stimulation reagent is applied volumetrically and does not require a bead-to-cell ratio calculation. It is the newest innovation of MACS stimulation reagents. In addition, T Cell TransAct is available in both research- and MACS® GMP grades, making a seamless transfer of your T cell process into a clinical setting possible.

MACSiBeads on the other hand are large cell-sized particles which can be loaded with any kind of biotinylated antibodies to activate and expand a variety of primary cells. The large cell-sized particles mimic antigen-presenting cells and when loaded with CD2, CD3 and CD28 it leads to efficient T cell activation (e.g. T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit)The reagent needs to be applied in a specific bead-to-cell ratio.

The careful balance of the stimuli in our optimized kits also enable functional characterization of cells in Suppression Assays or reliable expansion of cell subsets, e.g. Treg cells.

CytoStim is suitable for rapid stimulation of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in fresh peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), whole blood, or other leukocyte-containing single-cell suspensions from tissues. It can be used the non-toxic SEB alternative, a positive control in antigen-specific T cell stimulation assays or intracellular cytokine staining experiments to detect cytokine or activation marker expression.
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Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles, cell culture grade

Content: 2 mL
130-092-357 $530.00

CytoStim, human

Capacity: for 1×108 total cells
Content: 200 µL
130-092-172 $130.00

CytoStim, human

Capacity: for 5×108 total cells
Content: 1 mL
130-092-173 $405.00

CytoStim, non-human primate

Capacity: for 1×108 total cells
Content: 200 µL
130-094-447 $125.00

CytoStim, non-human primate

Capacity: for 5×108 total cells
Content: 1 mL
130-094-442 $385.00

MSC Suppression Inspector, human

Content: 2.5 mL
130-096-207 $465.00

NK Cell Activation/Expansion Kit, human

Content: 1 kit
130-094-483 $640.00

T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit, human

Content: 1 kit
130-091-441 $915.00

T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit, mouse

Content: 1 kit
130-093-627 $535.00

T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit, non-human primate

Content: 1 kit
130-092-919 $910.00
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Showing 1-10 of 16

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