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RNA for reprogramming and differentiation

  • Non-integrative: eliminate the risk of insertional mutagenesis
  • Fast: obtain reprogrammed iPS cells in only 14 days
  • Translatable: choose a clinically relevant technology
Non-integrative mRNA technology is a powerful tool for modulating cell fate. Using simple lipid-based transfection, modified mRNAs can be easily delivered into the cell allowing the transient expression of key developmental regulators, recombinases or markers. This pioneering technology has revolutionized reprogramming of somatic cells, and offers new approaches for direct programming and differentiation of stem cells.


Using mRNA technology, developmentally important transcriptional programs can be activated in a controlled and stage-specific manner. It is an important tool for directing ES or iPS cell differentiation into various cell types or trans-differentiating somatic cells into different cell lineages.

Modified mRNAs for transfection are available for the following transcription factors:

Recombination & controls

StemMACS™ mRNAs are highly pure, in vitro-transcribed mRNAs that have been carefully optimized and validated to ensure high-level expression after transfection. In addition to the transcription factors used for reprogramming and differentiation, mRNA technology allows the transient expression of virtually any protein or enzyme:
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StemMACS Brn2 mRNA, human

Content: 20 µg
130-104-370 $280.00

StemMACS c-Myc mRNA, human

Content: 20 µg
130-101-112 $280.00

StemMACS Cas9 Nickase mRNA

Content: 20 µg
130-107-679 $280.00

StemMACS Cas9 Nuclease mRNA

Content: 20 µg
130-107-751 $280.00

StemMACS Cebpb mRNA, human

Content: 20 µg
130-104-377 $280.00

StemMACS Cre Recombinase mRNA

Content: 20 µg
130-101-113 $280.00


Content: 20 µg
130-101-114 $280.00

StemMACS Flp Recombinase mRNA

Content: 20 µg
130-106-769 $280.00

StemMACS Klf4 mRNA, human

Content: 20 µg
130-101-115 $280.00

StemMACS Lin28 mRNA, human

Content: 20 µg
130-101-117 $280.00
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Showing 1-10 of 21

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