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Cell culture media

  • High-quality media for consistency and accuracy
  • Manufactured with superior quality standards
  • Validated stem cell products and growth factors

Miltenyi Biotec offers consistent, high-quality media for successful cell culture in stem cell research, neuroscience, and immunology. From expansion to differentiation media , MACS® Media are designed and quality-tested for reliability and efficiency. Whether you are performing basic or translational research, Miltenyi Biotec develops specialized cell culture media, so you can get a head start in your experiment.

Stem cell media

StemMACS Media XF for xeno-free stem cell culture

StemMACS™ Media include a comprehensive selection of ready-to-use cell culture media for xeno-free PSC, HSC or MSC expansion, as well as numerous applications including differentiation/enumeration assays. All StemMACS™ cell culture media are intensively quality tested on stem cells to ensure reliable and reproducible results. read more

Other media

For other cell types like immune cells, neural cell, or production cell lines, MACS® Media is the optimal choice due to its high-quality ingredients and reliable performance. All MACS® Media are produced under strict quality standards and production procedures. read more

MACS GMP products

MACS GMP Media have been developed for today's requirements for clinical grade manufacturing of cellular products. These specialty media are adapted to the needs of each cell type and are manufactured under strict quality assessment, in accordance with GMP guidelines, in our state-of-the-art facility in Teterow, Germany. Learn more about our GMP products. read more
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AstroMACS Medium

Capacity: for 500 mL medium
  • MACS Neuro Medium (130-093-570)
  • MACS NeuroBrew-21 (130-093-566)
  • AstroMACS Supplement
130-117-031 $185.00


Content: 1000 mL
170-077-001 $80.00

CytoMix – MSC, human

Content: 100 µg
130-093-552 $375.00


Content: 1000 mL
170-077-004 $105.00

HybriMACS Feed Supplement

Content: 1000 mL
170-077-013 $210.00

MACS Neuro Medium

Content: 500 mL
130-093-570 $60.00

MACS NeuroBrew-21

Content: 10 mL
130-093-566 $105.00

MACS NeuroBrew-21 w/o Vitamin A

Content: 10 mL
130-097-263 $105.00

Mo-DC Differentiation Medium, human

Content: 400 mL
130-094-812 $440.00

Mo-DC Maturation Medium, human

Content: 100 mL
130-094-813 $145.00
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Showing 1-10 of 28

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