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Consumables for direct imaging and microscopy

  • Supports inverse microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and high content screening
  • Designed for ease of use

MACS Cell Culture Consumables are a collection of products for cell-based assays that use direct imaging and high-resolution microscopy techniques, as well as single-cell analysis.

    Working with suspension cells? CytoCapture products extends modern microscopy and high content analysis technologies to non-adherent cells, cellular spheroids, and 3D cell cultures.

    Imaging Plate products enable high-performance imaging. Choose either thin fluorocarbon film or coverslips as the base.

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    Control plate (8×12)

    Content: 1 piece
    130-098-235 $15.00

    CytoCapture Chamber H20-10 (8 well)

    Content: 4×4 pieces
    130-098-291 $460.00

    CytoCapture Chamber S40-15 (8 well)

    Content: 4×4 pieces
    130-098-295 $460.00

    CytoCapture Chamber S500-100, LCA (8 well)

    Content: 4×4 pieces
    130-098-330 $515.00

    CytoCapture Dish H20-10

    Content: 10 pieces
    130-098-290 $175.00

    CytoCapture Dish H250-100

    Content: 10 pieces
    130-098-298 $175.00

    CytoCapture Dish H250-100, LCA

    Content: 10 pieces
    130-098-299 $215.00

    CytoCapture Dish S40-15

    Content: 10 pieces
    130-098-294 $175.00

    CytoCapture Dish S500-100, LCA

    Content: 10 pieces
    130-098-329 $215.00

    Gas-permeable Culture Plate (6 well)

    Content: 4 pieces
    150-000-363 $60.00
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    Showing 1-10 of 43

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