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Antigen delivery

  • Elegant delivery of Ova or CMV pp65 into cells via antigen uptake receptors
  • Use any antibody to target an antigen uptake receptor of your choice
  • Standardized control to test your own delivery system
  • Comprehensive experimental protocol included in the box
Antigen delivery to antigen-presenting cells (APCs) via specific receptors has been recognized as an effective method of inducing specific T cell responses. Ovalbumin (Ova) is widely used as a model antigen for the characterization of antigen uptake, processing and presentation. On the other hand, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is one of the most-studied viruses in humans and CMV-derived pp65 is important both as a model antigen and diagnostic marker as well as a potential therapeutic target. Choose between a full-length protein antigen (Ova) and an overlapping peptide pool spanning the entire sequence (CMV pp65).
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hCMV-pp65 Antigen Delivery Reagent

Capacity: for 20 tests (1)


(1)One test corresponds to labeling of up to 106 cells in a total volume of 100 µL.
130-095-406 $480.00

Ova Antigen Delivery Module Set

  • CD11c MicroBeads UltraPure, mouse (130-108-338)
  • CD205 (DEC205)-Biotin, mouse (130-101-854)
  • Ova Antigen Delivery Reagent (130-094-663)
  • Anti-MHC Class II-PE, mouse (130-102-186)
130-094-831 $825.00

Ova Antigen Delivery Reagent

Capacity: for 20 tests (1)


(1)One test corresponds to targeting of up to 106 cells.
130-094-663 $270.00
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