10 years of automated tissue dissociation

It’s time to celebrate! For ten years, the gentleMACS™ Technology has been pioneering the field of automated tissue dissociation. Using the gentleMACS Dissociator family, customers all over the world start their experiments smart and benefit from standardized and reproducible tissue dissociation. Together with our C Tubes or M tubes, single-cell suspensions or thorough homogenates are easily obtained from virtually any tissue type.

To celebrate the art of 10 years of automated tissue dissociation, the graffiti and concept artist Lars Kesseler has designed a limited hand painted anniversary edition of our gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters. Contact your local sales representative or fill out the form below for more information.

In the meantime, watch the anniversary video and get inspired by the art of gentleMACS™ Technology.

See below some lucky customers from the previous year, who received a limited-edition graffiti gentleMACS™ to start generating viable single-cell suspensions in an easy, automated, and colorful way.


Human Genetic group of the Institute of Rare Diseases Research at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III in Madrid
RegineranD S.r.l. is located in Modena, Italy and is working on cellular cancer therapies.
Crown Bioscience Inc. in Taicang, China offers research services in oncology and metabolic disease research.
Sitkovsky´s lab is working at the Northeastern University in Boston in the field of cancer immunotherapies.
The N Gopalakrishna Iyer's Lab of the National Cancer Center in Singapore is working on TIL research.
Dr. Julien Villaudy and Ms. Christien Fatmawati from AIMM in Amsterdam use their gentleMACS Octo Dissociator to work in the field of cancer.

Want to be smart too? Fill out the form below to receive a demo in your lab or to get more information on automated tissue dissociation.

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