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The autoMACS® Pro Separator is a fully automated benchtop instrument for magnetic cell separation of multiple samples. It is the most convenient way to pure cell populations:

  • Infinite sample options: why settle for one sample type, when you can start directly from whole blood, PBMCs and single cell suspensions?
  • Walk-away automation: autolabeling and cell separation at the click of a button.
  • One column fits all: great purity by positive selection, depletion, or untouched isolation.

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Start directly from whole blood, PBMCs, or single cell suspensions

The autoMACS Pro Separator is compatible with hundreds of MACS Cell Separation Reagents for easy and fast isolation of virtually any cell type from any species. You can isolate cells from a very broad range of sources, such as:

  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)
  • Whole blood or bone marrow
  • Single-cell suspensions e.g. from dissociated spleens or lymph nodes
  • Other dissociated tissues e.g. tumors

By providing maximum flexibility in terms of starting materials, the autoMACS Pro can be used for an incredible variety of applications.

For example, the isolation of CD14+ cells straight from whole blood allows for standardized cell separation and safer handling of potentially hazardous samples. Purified CD14+ cells are well-suited for further flow cytometric, molecular or functional analyses, such as proliferation and activation assays.


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See the autoMACS Pro in action

Cell separation from whole blood with the autoMACS Pro Separator

Sample cooling with MACS Chill Racks on the autoMACS Pro Separator

Customer highlight

The Medina Research Group at the Centre for Experimental Medicine, Queen’s University Belfast uses their unique autoMACS Pro Separator for studies in the area of Vascular Stem Cell Biology. They mainly isolate monocytes, based on the markers CD14 and CD31. After cell isolation, cells are used for cell culture and functional assays.

Why do they love using the autoMACS Pro? Because it is highly effective in terms of yield and purity for monocyte isolation from blood.


Walk-away automation at the click of a button

The autoMACS Pro Separator allows true walk-away cell isolation with automated labeling and separation in a time-saving, reliable, and reproducible manner.

  • Up to 6 samples to be processed in a single run, while keeping the samples cooled on MACS Chill Racks
  • Multisample autolabeling with up to four reagent vials held in MACS Reagent Racks
  • Fully automated sensor-controlled process with immediate alert notification
The autolabeling feature ensures reproducibility and consistent results - every time and independent of the user. Walk-away sample processing not only saves hands-on time, but minimizes contact with potentially infectious or dangerous sample material. Thanks to the autolabeling feature, automated cell separation could not be easier!


Let’s have a look at how it works:

  1. Place your sample in the Chill Rack on the MiniSampler.
  2. Press “Read Reagent” on the touchscreen and scan the MicroBead vial with the barcode reader.
  3. The autoMACS Pro Separator automatically identifies the MACS reagent vial and loads the relevant separation program.
  4. Place the vials on the reagent rack and press “Run” on the touchscreen. The instrument immediately starts the separation process, using the correct settings.
  5. After separation, the instrument provides you with your desired target cell population, fully compatible with any downstream application.


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See the autoMACS Pro in action

Autolabeling on the autoMACS Pro Separator



Walkaway multisampling on the autoMACS Pro Separator



Customer highlight

The research group from Prof. Bachmann’s lab at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) isolates T cells from PBMCs, using a depletion strategy on their unique graffiti autoMACS Pro Separator. They separate the whole population of CD3+ cells, as well as CD4+ and CD8+ subpopulations. The cells are then either cultured, expanded and genetically modified for UniCAR generation, or used for tumor-specific activation via bispecific antibodies.

Why do they love using the autoMACS Pro? Easy handling with step by step instructions, fast and automated cell isolation, and excellent purities of separated fractions (> 95%).


Positive selection, depletion, or untouched isolation – one column for all your needs

The reusable autoMACS Columns are specifically designed for use with the autoMACS Pro Separator and deliver high cell purities and recoveries. Independent of your starting material, your separation strategy, and the separation program you choose, the autoMACS Column is the perfect fit for any automated isolation performed on the autoMACS Pro Separator!

Once installed, the autoMACS Columns become part of a closed fluidic system.

  • Columns can be utilized for up to 14 days
  • Monitoring and priming of columns is automatically managed by the instrument software
  • Isolation of up to 2×108 magnetically labeled cells from up to 4×109 nucleated total cells or up to 15 mL of whole blood

Cells purified using autoMACS Columns are well-suited for further flow cytometric analysis, molecular biology studies, and functional studies.


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Customer highlight

The Experimental Hematology research group at the Clinic and Policlinic for Pediatrics, University Medical Center Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden uses their autoMACS Pro Separator for the isolation of human and murine HSCs, T cells, and dendritic cells. They perform both positive and negative selection strategies with important markers such as BDCA2, BDCA4, CD4, CD8, CD11b, CD105 and a lineage-panel. After cell separation, cells are used for in vivo (e.g. transplantation) and in vitro (e.g. co-culture, stimulation, and analysis) experiments. Why do they love using the autoMACS Pro? Because it is highly time-saving, while providing a fast, reproducible, and cell friendly cell separation. With small modifications, they even obtain better purities using the autoMACS Pro Separator compared to manual separation.

The Schmitz laboratory at the Institute for Immunology, University Dresden uses the autoMACS Pro Separator for the purification of human immune cells, including slanDCs, pDCs, CD1c+DCs, CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, Pan T cells, NK cells, and CD14+ monocytes. Their downstream application is cell culture, either mono cell culture or co-culture with distinct immune or tumor cells. Thereby, a variety of proliferation assays, examination of cytokine expression, and cytotoxicity analysis is conducted.

Why do they love using the autoMACS Pro? The main advantages for this research group are the quick isolation of target cell populations with high purity as well as the easy and self-explanatory handling of the instrument.

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