StraightFrom MicroBeads

From an entire buffy coat to target cells in under 30 min

  • Convenient cell isolation directly from buffy coat
  • Get rid of density gradient centrifugation, erythrocyte lysis and washing steps
  • All you need to process an entire buffy coat in one kit

StraightFrom™ Buffy Coat MicroBeads enable gentle and fast magnetic isolation of specific cell types directly from buffy coat. An entire buffy coat can be processed in one run using Whole Blood Columns and the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus. The target cells have high purities and recovery rates – and the entire process takes less than 30 min. The Buffy Coat MicroBead Kits include Buffy Coat MicroBeads, Whole Blood Columns and Whole Blood Column Elution Buffer – everything you need to process one full buffy coat.

The Buffy Coat MicroBead Kits are available for the following markers:

The protocol is simple:


Experience the simplicity of StraightFrom products yourself - schedule your demo to learn more about the Buffy Coat MicroBeads and MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus.

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