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Struggling with inconsistent antibody lots? Save 50% on all REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies and all tandem antibody conjugates before July 31, 2017* and never worry about lot-to-lot consistency again.

Stability of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies is of upmost importance to achieve consistent results and experimental reproducibility in flow cytometry. Inappropriate storage conditions, such as prolonged light exposure, can severely impair the performance of conjugated antibodies, leading to inconsistent results.

See for yourself below how we’ve taken three major steps to maximize the consistency of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies:


Recombinant antibody production

Mass spectometry analysis of mouse monoclonal (A) and REAfinity Antibody samples (B). A mixture of antibody chains can be observed frequently in the case of the mouse monoclonal antibody while the REA clone only shows one heavy chain (50 kDa) and one light chain (25 kDa).
REAfinity™ Antibodies are generated under standardized in-vitro culture conditions resulting in highly pure products.

Enhanced photo stability of Vio® Dyes

Human PBMCs were stained, using CD56 antibodies conjugated to PE-Vio615 (clone REA196) or PE-Dazzle594 (clone HCD56). Stained cells were then exposed to ambient light (~850 Lux) followed by analysis at different time points by flow cytometry using the MACSQuant® VYB.
Vio®Dyes are characterized by high fluorescence intensities and low spillover, making them an ideal choice for multicolor applications.

Strict quality control of every lot

Human PBMCs from a single donor were stained with CD56-APC, CD4-APC-Vio770 from two different production lots, and analyzed on the MACSQuant® Analyzer. The overlayed histograms represent the different lots.
Each antibody batch produced by Miltenyi Biotec is tested to ensure optimal mean fluorescence intensity (MFI), stain index, and lot-to-lot consistency.

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