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Say hello to our new TIL MicroBeads!

Our tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) MicroBead family has just grown considerably. In addition to our CD45 (TIL) MicroBeads, mouse, which are used to isolate all leukocytes from single cell suspensions of any kind of tumor tissue, we now released CD4 (TIL) MicroBeads, mouse, CD8 (TIL) MicroBeads, mouse, and CD4/CD8 (TIL) MicroBeads, mouse. With these new reagents you can be sure that your analysis of T cells and their subpopulations is accurate.


Start taking advantage of the following benefits:

  • Directly isolate either CD45+, CD4+, CD8+ or CD4+ and CD8+ from dissociated tumor tissue
  • Enable a much more precise and deeper analysis of subpopulations within TILs
  • Save time and money on any flow instrument due to the significant reduction of unwanted cells in your sample (removal of bulk tumor cells


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