CARAT training course on CAR T cell manufacturing

Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) for Advanced Therapies (CARAT) is a new, ambitious EU-funded project aiming to integrate innovative cell manufacturing technologies into a comprehensive platform.

The project consortium comprises a multi-national team of leading experts from eight European partnering institutes uniting together Europe´s renowned players for clinical cell manufacturing tools, CAR design, gene-delivery technology, cell design and translation, pre-clinical monitoring technologies and logistic process control. This unique partnership takes on the mission to deliver innovative personalized CAR T cell therapies to provide new therapeutic options to tumor patients.

In 2017, a unique training event sponsored by CARAT is planned in order to transfer knowledge on GMP compliant CAR T cell manufacturing to scientists in the field.

The course, which will last five days at Miltenyi Biotec´s headquarters in Germany, is limited to a maximum of five attendees and focuses on practical, regulatory and scientific issues. Applicants from EU Member States and Associated Countries are encouraged to participate.

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