Clinical applications - TheraSorb

TheraSorb™ Therapeutic Apheresis

One platform for therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) and selective removal of:


  • immunoglobulins
  • LDL cholesterol and lipoprotein(a)
  • fibrin, fibrinogen, and fibrin degradation products
The TheraSorb™ Therapeutic Apheresis system is based on the selective removal of pathogenic substances from the patient’s plasma.
During apheresis, target molecules are selectively removed while the plasma is reinfused into the patient. Hence, higher plasma volumes can be processed than in therapeutic plasma exchange. Since no substitution fluid is required, the treatment is usually very well tolerated.
TheraSorb Products may be helpful for the treatment of diseases associated with hypercholesterolemia, pathogenic immunoglobulins, and fibrinogen.



The Apheresis Unit performs plasma separation as well as the loading and regeneration cycles of the adsorbers during immunoadsorption treatment. read more



Sterile, single-use tubing sets with blood volumes of approximately 50 mL and the Disk Separator for plasma separation ensure the safe treatment of the patient. read more

TheraSorb Ig Adsorbers

TheraSorb™– Ig Adsorbers

TheraSorb™– Ig Adsorbers are indicated in autoimmune disorders caused by autoantibodies, disorders caused by pathologically elevated IgE antibodies, or rejection of allogeneic organ transplants caused by preformed or newly synthesized cytotoxic antibodies. read more

TheraSorb LDL Adsorbers

TheraSorb™– LDL Adsorbers

The TheraSorb™ - LDL Adsorbers are used for the specific removal of human LDL and lipoprotein(a), as well as the reduction of VLDL in the plasma. read more

TheraSorb Rheo Adsorber

TheraSorb™– Rheo Adsorber

TheraSorb™ - Rheo is intended for the specific removal of fibrinogen, fibrin and fibrin degradation products from human plasma. A comparable quantity of C-reactive protein is also depleted. The application of TheraSorb – Rheo Adsorbers can be considered for the treatment of diseases related to an impaired microcirculation and ischemic tissue damage. read more

Therapeutic plasma exchange

Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)

Therapeutic plasma exchange is used to remove pathogenic substances from the patient’s blood in an unspecific manner. read more

TheraSorb Chipcard Reader

TheraSorb Chipcard Reader

Order our TheraSorb™ Chipcard Reader to print out the treatment protocol after every apheresis treatmen. read more

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