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Please find below a list of product lines that can be used for active T cell depletion.

CliniMACS® CD3/CD19 Product Line
For simultaneous T and B cell depletion.

CliniMACS TCRα/β Product Line
For TCRα/β+ T cell depletion. Aim: Maintenance of γ/δ T cells, NK cells, and graft facilitating cells in the graft. For additional removal of B cells, this product line can also be used in combination with CliniMACS CD19 Product Line.TCRα/β depletion is currently available as RUO (research use only) in the USA

CliniMACS CD45RA Product Line
For naive T cell depletion. Aim: Maintenance of memory T cells in the graft or DLI product. Part of CD34 hematopoietic stem cells are also CD45RA+. This should be considered if memory  cell infusion is planned to be combined with the initial transplant. In exceptional cases it may happen that donors have CD45+ memory T cells. This should be tested prior to any clinical application.

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