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Integrated solutions for translational research

Translational research is a complex endeavor. The steps are many, the target can be distant. Miltenyi Biotec provides the instruments, reagents, and services that best prepare you for successful translational research.

With research- to GMP-grade reagents, cytokines, and media, GMP-grade cell culture bags and freezing bags, and cell isolation instruments for both basic and clinical research, Miltenyi Biotec products support all aspects of your translational research.

Mouse over below to see how we support you at every stage:

  • Gentle yet effective tissue dissociation
  • Cell surface epitopes conserved
  • Standardized procedures, independent of user
  • Premium recovery of cell subpopulations
  • Gentle isolation of viable and functional cells
  • The most cited separation technology
  • High-quality cytokines up to GMP grade
  • Specialized media
  • Peptide pools for efficient cell stimulation
  • Powerful and compact flow cytometers
  • Unique Vio® Dyes
  • Sensitive analysis of low-frequency cells
  • Sensitive cDNA synthesis, even for small samples
  • Sensitive analysis of low-frequency cells
  • Contrast reagents for MRI, CT, ultrasound, and optical imaging
  • Fast and convenient protein isolation
  • Two versatile platforms for cell processing and cell separation
  • Reliable and reproducible results through standardized processes
  • Functionally closed, sterile systems
  • Cellular products manufactured according to GMP guidelines
  • CliniMACS Systems optimized for combination with MACS GMP Products
  • Over 14 years of experience in GMP manufacturing
  • CryoMACS Freezing Bags, for cryopreservation applications at ultra-low temperature
  • Unique bag concept for safe cryopreservation
  • CryoMACS DMSO 10, used as cryoprotective agent

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