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Finance & Administration

A growing company requires friendly and efficient support teams to ensure a smooth day-to-day operation.
Our principal task is to coordinate the flow of materials and the administration of resources throughout the world by means of a global SAP system, thus helping our products reach the customer safely and in as short a time as possible. From recording purchasing orders to liaising with customs authorities, we are continually monitoring and improving our processes so that our clients receive the best possible service.

Finance and Logistics

Our communication skills and expertise enable us to deal with all the challenges arising from the internal and external distribution of products and resources: from processing requisition orders and obtaining tenders from suppliers, to handling incoming deliveries. We also coordinate deliveries to our customers and maintain a customer service team. In addition to controlling and accounting, Finance is responsible for reporting fiscal information according to financial regulations and company policies. Processing employee travel expenses and Inland Revenue matters also falls within our area of responsibility. We do so much more than just thinking about cash flow.

Information technology

Linking the digital core of the Miltenyi Biotec group of companies to the outside world, the Information Technology team also ensures the seamless flow of internal digital communications. Apart from implementing basic operating systems and desktop software, we use SAP systems to develop and maintain the company intranet portal with its range of functions for internal databases, human resources and travel planning.
We have a range of competencies that includes installing applications, developing information management systems, and operating a help-desk in English and German languages.

Legal and Patents

We provide counsel and advice on all legal and intellectual property matters affecting the Miltenyi Biotec group of companies worldwide with, for example, responsibility for corporate development & licensing, patent and other intellectual property matters, legal and contractual matters with respect to all business transactions, and, when necessary, litigation. We work closely with our customers when agreements or collaborations are being discussed or contracts are being drafted.

Human Resources

The administrative heart of Miltenyi Biotec, we provide specific services for our colleagues and guests in terms of general administration. The most inspiring task is the identification and recruitment of the finest talent that will help maintain the exciting working environment at the company. We also provide services and counsel for employees in all matters related to their well-being at Miltenyi Biotec. Just some of our many tasks include developing and maintaining strategies and policies with respect to:
  • employee database and data protection
  • recruitment of personnel
  • personnel retention
  • employee benefits
  • performance and conduct management
  • personnel training and development
  • generating awareness of, and ensuring compliance with, local,
  • national and international legislation

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