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Biomedical engineering

We develop instrumentation and novel technologies that open up new avenues for front-line biomedical research and translational medicine. Our pioneering instruments help in the manipulation and analysis of complex biological processes at a cellular and molecular level. As a result, biomedical researchers have resources at their fingertips that give them deeper insight into the molecular pathways of life and disease. Our groundbreaking platforms in apheresis and cellular therapy bring novel forms of treatment to the fields of oncology, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, immunology, neurology, and infection.
These developments are driven by a profound understanding of biological processes combined with a broad physics and engineering knowledge. We enjoy working in multi-disciplinary teams of cell biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, clinicians, and engineers. In this stimulating and cooperative climate we communicate openly with each other, beyond the boundaries of our individual skills. An ongoing and inspiring dialog with leading investigators around the globe means that the needs of biomedical science are always in the forefront of our design and manufacturing processes.


This dedicated team of biophysicists, electrical engineers, and cell biologists is responsible for designing the fundamentals of our new instruments. Based on an understanding of the physics and chemistry of biological events, we develop novel concepts for analytical pathways and cell processing. The challenge is to transform latest scientific insights into powerful instruments. For example, new fluorochromes developed by our chemists, as well as the significance of novel variants of fluorescent proteins like mCherry, inspired our engineers to develop novel platforms for benchmark cell analytical systems:
  • The MACSQuant® VYB: a flow cytometer with a new laser configuration for the detection of a spectrum of fluorescent moieties
Or the need for automation in the preparation of standardized cell products destined for clinical applications resulted in the development of a unique cell-processing device:
  • The CliniMACS® Prodigy: an incomparable, automated, multiple-function device — a first-in-class processing platform for cell products — that enables innovative cellular therapies on a routine basis

Being researchers ourselves, we are continually exchanging ideas with opinion leaders in academia and in the clinical field around the world in order to drive developments towards new frontiers. The basis of our success is open-minded communication between the various disciplines and a shared dedication to science. Our passion is reflected in our leading-edge products.

Software engineering

Bioinformatic scientists, mathematicians and software specialists combine their talents to develop pioneering software for our products. Our customers are our most valuable asset and we are committed to providing solutions for their scientific needs.
Typical of the tasks that make our workplace just that much more stimulating involve:
  • Designing user interfaces that simplify day-to-day operations for researchers and clinicians
  • Developing process control software to ensure reliable performance of our devices whether for use in basic research or in treatment of patients
  • Conceptualization and programming of firmware that controls the various modules of our devices
  • Developing algorithms for data analysis pathways

A specialized aspect is software design for our medical devices; this necessitates robustness, validation, reliability, and regulatory compliance.


Meeting the challenge at the interface of biophysics and cell biology, we as engineers develop the electronic design of our devices. Each of our instruments provides innovative functionalities for the user and our challenge is to conceptualize all sensor, quantification and process control hardware so that these processes are optimized. From analog electronics, signal processing, and microprocessors through to firmware, we provide all the advanced electronics and controls for our instruments.

Production systems

We are a team of process, electrical and mechanical engineers that develop the production systems for our broad portfolio of products that ranges from disposables, through reagents, to medical devices.  We work closely with the various development and production teams during planning and designing of production processes for our in-house production and assembly lines.
Our passion for innovation and optimization leads to the construction of technologies that enable automated or semi-automated production of our leading products.

Mechanical engineering

Designing an instrument on the basis of conceptual drafts is the mission of our team of mechanical engineers, mechatronic specialists and process engineers. We transform complex biological processes into instruments that deliver reliable and reproducible data and processes to both researcher and clinician.
Our understanding of complex biochemical and cellular environments complements our expertise in the fields of mechanics, optics, fluidics and housing design. Using this knowledge, we construct devices that not only support breakthrough biomedical research and cellular therapy, they are also guaranteed to conform to international research and regulatory requirements.

Consumables engineering

Where high-end plastic components meet biological processes, our field of expertise begins: we design the plastic components of our disposables and our instruments. Thus, our operations base is as broad as the field of materials science itself and includes technologies such as molding and extrusion processes, ultrasonic welding, macro- and microfluidics, adhesives, packaging materials and component design. Our particular challenge is to understand the biological process and to transfer the principles into a device. The skills of our team of plastics engineers, combined with their profound knowledge of materials science, facilitates the creation of leading-edge components for the unique processes carried out by our devices. Our mission is to ensure that our customers obtain reproducible and reliable results, day in, day out.

Application development

Bioengineers and biologists combine their skills and know-how to ensure that our products are optimized for all their applications. Complex devices, such as the MACS Quant VYB and CliniMACS Prodigy, contain a multitude of internal processes that are coordinated with each other. Our specialization is the fine-tuning of such instruments by implementing each process individually and measuring the response of the device. Each process is optimized until the device operates efficiently and produces reproducible data that the customer can rely on. One of our strengths is our close interaction with customers during the development of novel applications for our instruments, e.g., integration of our devices into robot systems.

Medical devices

Our engineering group is driven by the fascination of developing innovative clinical devices for cellular therapy and apheresis. Our systems help in the development of new treatment options in regenerative medicine, oncology, hematology, autoimmune disease, metabolic disease, and life-threatening viral disease.
For example,
  • the TheraSorb® apheresis platforms remove pathogenic substances from patients’ blood, such as autoantibodies, LDL and IgE, and, for example, now enable transplantation of mismatched kidney grafts;  
  • the CliniMACS Cell Separation system has advanced the treatment options for leukemia;
  • our newly developed CliniMACS Prodigy, a complete biomedical laboratory in one instrument, will make complex cellular therapies available to many more patients;
  • our CryoMACS® Freezing Bags herald in a new era of safety and convenience in the cryopreservation of hematopoietic progenitor cells.

Our challenge is to understand the medical needs and the needs of clinical practice. Once we receive input from key investigators and our own R&D and medical groups, we use the data to assess the feasibility of developing a novel clinical device.

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