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Researchers working for researchers is the concept at the heart of the company and we aim to meet every challenge with our own in-house experts. We are proud of being a competence center with team members who nurture and accompany innovation to market and provide solutions for cell-based research and clinical applications.



The Miltenyi Biotec mission is to improve scientific understanding and medical progress by providing products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. read more

Research and development

Research & development

Our multidisciplinary R&D teams are dedicated to the development of optimal solutions for today’s biomedical laboratories. The diversity of team members and the synergy at all levels give R&D at Miltenyi Biotec an organic quality, an entity that nurtures products from concept to reality. Invention, accessibility, diversity, and dynamism are the values that drive us forward. read more

Translational research

Integrated solutions for translational research

read more

Clinical development

Clinical development

One of our principal tasks is to design and coordinate clinical studies to test the therapeutic utility of Miltenyi Biotec’s clinical products in areas such as regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, with an emphasis on hemato-oncological, infectious, and cardiovascular disease, and immunotherapy. Working with many internationally recognized professionals in centers throughout the world, we carry out trials that range from safety/feasibility (phase I/II) to pivotal stage (phase III) and post-market surveillance trials. read more

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering

We develop instrumentation and novel technologies that open up new avenues for front-line biomedical research and translational medicine. Our pioneering instruments help in the manipulation and analysis of complex biological processes at a cellular and molecular level. read more



Highly qualified electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, mechanotronic engineers and skilled specialists form the basis for interdisciplinary teams in a dynamic and thriving working atmosphere. We are quality certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485) and maintain the highest possible levels of excellence in our products. State-of-the-art process controlling ensures optimized production sequences. read more



We listen to our customers and design our marketing strategies with their needs in mind. By talking to them, advising them and giving them the best possible service, we are able to ensure that Miltenyi Biotec remains at the forefront of biomedical research and therapeutic applications. Our teams’ aim is to provide the customer with all the necessary information about our company’s great products. It is customer satisfaction that drives us forward. read more

Finance and Administration

Finance & Administration

A growing company requires friendly and efficient support teams to ensure a smooth day-to-day operation. read more

Quality management

Quality management

Our top priority is to satisfy our customers by providing products and services of the highest quality. read more

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