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We have successfully developed and manufactured products for customers in US, Europe and Asia for research and clinical applications. We support all phases of the product value chain from development and manufacturing, to registration, marketing, and sales. We welcome all discussions regarding co-development of products that can be positioned within our strategic business focus, especially in those areas that aim to utilize our technology platforms.

Product distribution
Miltenyi Biotec is well positioned to meet product distribution needs with a direct sales organization in 18 countries. Through our distribution network we market our products in more than 70 countries worldwide. We are interested in evaluating new products for isolation, culture, expansion, activation, differentiation, and analysis of cells with applications in both research and clinical scenarios.

Mergers & Acquisitions
We have obtained several of our technologies and facilities through acquisitions, including, for example, our GMP manufacturing facilities in Teterow, Germany, our therapeutic apheresis technology platform, TheraSorb™, our gene expression profiling technologies and bioinformatics program. Our aim is to make further acquisitions in fields related to our strategic business focus.

For further information please contact business.development@miltenyibiotec.de

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